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Is your company installing new equipment? Upgrading old equipment? Carrying out a maintenance shutdown? Do you have a dedicated project manager?

Don’t you want your technical staff to focus where they add the most value? Wouldn’t you like to be seeing more tracking, monitoring, analysing and forecasting of the key outcomes?
Do you need some extra resourcing?

We can help!
We have highly experienced project managers available who have worked on an enormous range of challenging projects in numerous different industries.

We take a structured and disciplined approach to time, cost and quality; we proactively identify and manage risks and opportunities.

We work under accredited management systems for safety, environment and quality.

Best of all, we focus purely on actively managing the project so that the outcomes are optimised to your corporate priorities.

Specific Capabilities

  • Negotiate and define scope and key deliverables;
  • Identify resource needs, roles and responsibilities;
  • Identify critical project communication routes / schedule;
  • Develop and set baseline schedule;
  • Set, communicate and monitor SQE targets;
  • Identify, assess and manage project-level risks and opportunities;
  • Track actual & forecast expenditure against approved estimate / budget;
  • Track elapsed and forecast time against schedule;
  • Monitor resource usage and capability;
  • Manage procurement and provision of materials and subcontract works;
  • Maintain communication with, and engagement of stakeholders;
  • Monitor and manage emerging issues;
  • Monitor and manage ongoing development of project aims, scope and deliverables;
  • Manage project completion including documentation updates, operator training, etc.
  • Final analysis of project performance against scope and deliverables.

WE can manage it!

For more information contact us.