Who we are

‚ÄčOur Corporate Direction outlines our mission, key stakeholders and how we will support the implementation of Government priorities.

See how we are structured, our commitment as a White Ribbon workplace and our Customer Service Charter and Personal Information Protection policy.

In this Topic

  • Corporate Direction
    See a message from the Secretary, what our priorities are for 2017-18, who our key stakeholders are and our strategic risks
  • Our Mission, objectives and values
    Our Mission, objectives and the values that we use to guide our decisions and behaviour
  • Organisational Chart
    Organisational chart of the Department of Treasury and Finance, Tasmania, Australia
  • White Ribbon at Treasury
    Treasury is a White Ribbon Workplace. This is an anti-violence initiative that encourages individuals to take an active role in positive workplace culture.
  • Customer Service Charter
    At Treasury, we strive to satisfy and exceed the expectations of our customers, clients and stakeholders.
  • Personal Information Protection Policy
    The Department is the custodian of personal information collected. Its collection, use and disclosure is governed by the Act