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Migration Tasmania

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Karlo and Natalia

Skilled migrant stories

Dr Sanoj Ali - Royal Hobart Hospital Paediatric Intensive Care

Tasmania is such a gorgeously beautiful place with magnificent water views and mountains. I don’t think there is any other city like it with such easy access to forests and pristine beaches. You have all the amenities you get in the big cities but at the same time you are not stuck in nasty traffic or pollution. We love it here, it is an amazing place. There is so much to discover and love about Tasmania.

It is absolutely fantastic for children. We were in Melbourne last year and we were cooped up in a small apartment. It is just for the kids to come to Tasmania and enjoy the fresh air and the open spaces.  

I was fortunate to be offered a position as a paediatrician at the Royal Hobart Hospital. The quality of work I get to do is great and it is such a supportive and  fantastic workplace. I have been really lucky to get this job and to come and live in a city like Hobart. I would encourage anyone with the right skills and the right professional qualifications to consider Tasmania as a fantastic option for them.

Sanoj Ali photo

Dr Elias Polymeropoulos – Marine Scientist

The reason why I came to Tasmania was initially for a holiday and I fell in love with the place. fortunately I got the opportunity to do PhD at the University of Tasmania. After getting my permanent residency, I found a job as a professional scientist at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies. I feel that there are some great professional opportunities in aquaculture and marine science in Tasmania.

Tasmania is really a great place to live. Compared to Europe where I grew up in, it feels a bit like a holiday because it is very free, very peaceful, and the people here are very friendly. There is a great sense of community and because Tasmania has a small population, there are less factors that impact on your quality of life, like no traffic and noise. 

It feels very easy to connect to people as well, so if you come here by yourself, you are not alone. It is very easy to get to know people and I really felt like being in a big family rather than being just a stranger from a faraway place.

Elias Polymeropoulos photo