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Migration Tasmania

for business and skilled migrants

International student graduates

Ling Woollams's story

Ling Huang photo

When I was still in the uni, I started working at the Tahune Air Walk and after I graduated I started to look for a full time position or a job relevant to what I studied and I found an accounting job and I am an auditor at the moment.

The students who graduated at the University of Tasmania can get the State nominated visa which is what I got.

I’d like to tell the people in China to choose Tasmania because if you want a real life, I think you’d better come here and have a look.

When I was in Beijing I worked in a really good company and my salary was good but I was so busy I had to work over 12 hours a day. I think most people are like that.

After I moved to Tasmania I could breathe the cleanest air and drink the cleanest water. I feel I am enjoying my life every day.

I ask my friends why they choose the University of Tasmania and it is because the university fees are lower than the other university. Also, because they want to practice their English but they go to Sydney or Melbourne there are just too many Chinese so they didn’t get their chance to practice their English.

Mustafa Ali's story

Mustafa Ali photo

I work as Tasmanian Territory Manager for Red Bull in Launceston. I studied in the Hobart campus of UTAS, absolutely enjoyed living and working there as well.

I started working as a brand ambassador for brands like Microsoft, Sony and Samsung while I was studying.  They were all casual roles but I knew that I was on a learning stage, I was getting experience, I knew once I finished my degree I would be able to get a full time job based on the experience and the skilled I was learning while I was studying.

And it paid off. Once I finished my degree it paid off. Red Bull was looking for a Territory Manager based in Launceston and I applied. Luckily I found this job and it is all because of the experience and hard work I put in while I was studying.

In terms of employment opportunities, all the big brands, big companies are operating in Tasmania and they are always looking for people who have got some good skills.