Junior Squash Player

Hi Max,
I’ve been promoting I-Mask all the time by wearing it everytime I play in tournaments, training, coaching lessons, fixtures even when I am training by myself or having a hit with Mum and Dad.
I also get mum to sew the patches on my squash shirts, especially my rep shirts.
I like I-Mask because it’s the only eyewear that also protects my mouth and nose, it never falls off and the colours are really cool.
Do the kids in Mayalsia wear I-Mask?

Thank you Max I will look out for the items in the mail and thank you again for your help…………..Jason

Bill Daugherty Testimonial

Max thank you for the quick reply, I am a very strong supporter of your product and have used it for a little over a year and would not wear anything else for eye protection and safety. The address at the end of my email is correct, in fact we communicated a little over a year ago concerning the sweat bands used in the mask. Being retired and able to play racquetball three or four time a week with a bunch of very good players the I-Mask is an essential piece of my equipment.


You have a very good product and one that every racquet player should use! Thank you for the replacement, I’ll pass that on to my fellow racquetball playing friends. Finding a person and (or) company who’s business model is based on integrity and product quality is harder to find now days.


Sincerely and thank you,

Bill Daugherty