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Traceability from Paddock to Plate

Are you empowered to make decisions based on real-time, factual data?

Can you accurately trace a batch through your production line?

Are you able to provide visibility to your supply chain on your consistent quality of products?

Product genealogy and material traceability is becoming an industry standard for Australian businesses and is essential when competing in the global marketplace.

Food Safety Practices and General Requirements (Standard 3.2.2) state you must be able to trace one step back and one step forward.  While most businesses can do this, can you do it in the most efficient method? Ensuring if something were to go wrong not only could you minimise the impact but also demonstrate to your customers that you can manage the situation in a fast and efficient manner. 

Being able to minimise and identify batches that were nonstandard instils confidence in consumers and your supply chain that you have good control of your business. 

To make accurate decisions in any manufacturing business you need real- time access to your operational data to be empowered to make informed decisions.  The challenge faced by many businesses is getting this operational data in an accurate, timely and correctly formatted manner.

Cromarty specialises in this area and can work with you to overcome these hurdles.  Whether you need to track materials through your site alone or whether you want to track fully from the paddock to the plate, we can assist you. 

Our full paddock to plate solution can truly track every step of the way, including during the transportation process where access is possible.  This can give you an advantage in the global market place to show the quality and safety of your product.  It can also give your local consumers full visibility of where their food has come from. 

We work with you to understand your business and partner with you to ensure the system implemented truly adds value based on your requirements right now while having the power and flexibility to expand into the future as your business needs grow and shift.

Key areas we can assist you with:

  • Be able to track fully from farm to plate
  • Be able to pull key pieces of information from other databases and other data sources
  • Full reporting capability on each piece of the equipment in the line.
  • Show specification of machines during production for set batches
  • Reports grouped by batch numbers not just time based
  • Know specification for recipes and show out of specification issues and alarm on such
  • Full genealogy capability