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Join over 100,000 other customers and claim a 20% discount and capped urban fares by using a Greencard for your travel. Greencard simplifies public transport by making it easier and quicker to board a bus without the right change by acting as a digital wallet for fare credit.

We know that many people rely on public transport to connect to school, work, and services, so for convenience, Greencards can be recharged online, on board any Metro bus, using the Metro App, at Metro depots or the Metro Shop or at Greencard agents. Online credit may take more than 24 hours to process so please ensure you top up before your balance is too low to cover your daily fare.

How do I get a Greencard?

You can apply for a Greencard online, in person, or by calling our Customer Service Hotline on 13 22 01 and requesting that an application form be mailed to you. To apply online, click here and fill out the form. To apply in person, visit the Metro Shop, a Metro depot or Metro agent. Please be aware that some Metro agents can only provide full fare Adult Greencards – to demonstrate a concession you will need to visit a Metro depot or the Metro Shop.

Pre-paid Adult Greencards are also available in Hobart from the Metro Shop (22 Elizabeth Street) or Tasmanian Travel & Information Centre (20 Davey Street). These cards come ready activated, loaded with credit, and accompanied by a handy tourist guide to using public transport to see the sights of Hobart and surrounds.

Activate your account

In order to use My Greencard online, you will need to activate your card and choose a password. To activate your account, click here.

We recommend you register your Greencard as soon as possible as this will allow you to check your travel history online, report a lost or stolen card, lock its use, and order a new Greencard. Registration will also allow you to transfer any unused credit to a replacement card should your Greencard get lost or stolen. You can register your card in person at Greencard agents or online.

How does it work?

A Greencard uses smartcard technology. Users can load the card with credit and enjoy a 20% discount on regular fares and transfer between services for free within 90 minutes from the first boarding.

When you board a Metro bus, simply tap your Greencard on the driver’s ticket machine, and the cost of the trip will be deducted from your balance.

Your Greencard is set with information including your default trip and your concession details, so the correct fare is automatically deducted and you are debited the correct amount. The cost of your journey together with the remaining travel credit balance on your card will be displayed on the customer display facing you. When your travel credit is getting low, you simply top it up with new credit and use it over and over again.

You do not need to tap off.

How do I know how much credit I have?

To check your credit and top up on the go, log in to your Greencard account on this website by clicking here or download the Metro Tas App at the App Store (for iOS devices), or Google Play (for Android devices).

When boarding with a Greencard, the cost of your journey together with the remaining travel credit balance on your card will be displayed on the customer display facing you.

When you tap on, there is also a indicator light on the left hand side of the customer display screen that alerts you to the remaining travel credit balance on your card. The light will flash green if the balance is more than $7, orange if the balance is less than $7, and red if there is no credit remaining on the card.

How do I recharge my Greencard credit?

You can top up your Greencard credit in one of four ways.

The maximum Greencard balance is $500.

If you are low on credit and a trip takes your travel credit balance into debit, you should recharge your Greencard as soon as possible so that you can continue to use it. Any debit amount owing on your balance will automatically be deducted at the time of your new credit recharge.

An example of this is: my Student Greencard has a balance of 90 cents when I board the bus, my fare is $1.36, which is deducted from my Greencard leaving a debit or negative balance of 46 cents.

The next time I recharge my Greencard, the 46 cent debit on my Greencard will automatically be deducted from my new credit. For example, if I top up $10, minus 46c debit, $9.54 credit will remain on my Greencard.

Automatic top-up

Once logged into My Greencard online,  you can set up automatic top-up when your credit falls below a specified amount. You can manage how you would like your automatic top-ups to work by setting the values of ‘Minimum balance’ and ‘Top-up amount’.

When the balance on your Greencard falls below the ‘Minimum balance’, it will automatically be topped up by the ‘Top-up amount’. The auto top-up function runs in the evening following the card balance falling below the ‘Minimum balance’.

Please choose a ‘Minimum balance’ value that is enough to cover your travel in periods where a top up maybe delayed* to ensure you will always have sufficient credit on your Greencard.

*Online credit is processed at 6am and 12am (midnight) each day however may take more than 24 hours, so please ensure you top up before your balance is too low to cover your daily fare. 

What is a default trip?

When you purchase an Adult Greencard you will be asked to nominate your ‘default trip’, which is the correct fare type for the journey that you usually travel, (for example Hobart to Glenorchy = Urban 1 Zone, Brighton to Kingston = Urban All Zones, Burnie to Ulverstone = Non-Urban Zone 2). The nominated journey length will then be recorded on your Greencard as your default trip and the default trip fare will be deducted each time the card is presented at the start of a journey.

Adult Concession and Student Greencards do not need a default trip when used solely within the urban area, however if you travel into or out of the urban area, then that travel can be set as a default trip and will be deducted each time the card is presented at the start of a journey.

Most people will have a default trip that is from home to school/work and back again.

If you want to travel a journey that is not your default trip, simply notify the driver as you board and before tapping your Greencard, allowing them to deduct the correct fare from your balance.

For more information about fares, click here.

What is a daily cap?

A daily cap refers to the maximum amount your travel will cost each day. There are  different caps for adult and concession fares.  If your first trip is after 9am on weekdays, or you are travelling on a public holiday or weekend, the lower standard daily cap will apply. If your first trip is before 9am Monday to Friday, the peak daily cap will apply. Students pay one low daily cap no matter when their first boarding is made.

You can check which daily caps apply to your fare type by clicking here:

Example: A passenger travelling with an adult concession Greencard boards a bus from Hobart to Glenorchy at 10am on a Monday. Their single trip adult concession fare costs $1.84 using Greencard. After shopping for a few hours, the passenger then catches a bus to the Eastern Shore, which will only cost them 96c as $2.80 is the daily cap, and they have already paid $1.84 that day ($1.84 + 96c = $2.80). The rest of their travel on that day is free because they have already been charged the maximum cap of $2.80.

Can I transfer between services using my Greencard?

When you board a bus, you must ensure your Greencard is set to the appropriate zone fare for the journey you intend to make. You can then transfer between services for free within 90 minutes of your first boarding, permitting the total zones travelled do not exceed the fare paid on your first boarding. You still need to tap on each time you board.

For adult urban fares, 1 Zone, 2 Zones and All Zones fares apply*. Concession and student urban fares are charged at a flat rate regardless of sections travelled. Click here to see a section map

For example, a customer boards a bus in Strickland Avenue and travels to the Hobart bus mall (three sections) and then transfers to a service from the bus mall to the University campus in Sandy Bay (two sections). As this journey spans five sections, a medium fare should be paid on the first boarding at Strickland Avenue to enable a free transfer in the Hobart bus mall.

* Some fare types may not apply depending on how many zones make up the urban area in your city. Hobart: 1 Zone, 2 Zones, All Zones. Launceston: 1 Zone, 2 Zones. Burnie: 1 Zone.

Can anybody else use my Greencard?

A concession fare Greencard may only be used by the registered cardholder. An adult fare Greencard may be used by other travellers.

Replacing a lost or stolen Greencard

You can report your card as lost or stolen in in one of the following ways:

  1. by logging into your online Greencard account
  2. in person at a Greencard agent
  3. by calling the Metro Information Hotline on 13 22 01 (credit card transaction required)
  4. by completing a Greencard Replacement Form and returning it to Metro either in person or by mailing the completed form to:
    Metro Greencard
    PO Box 61
    Moonah, 7009

Once reported, your card will blocked from further use, securing your remaining travel credit. Until your replacement card is received, your online account will be disabled. You can re-activate your online account once you receive your replacement card by

A $5 replacement fee will apply when you order your replacement card, which does not go towards your Greencard travel credit.

Once a replacement card has been ordered, the remaining travel credit and/or travel pass entitlements will be added on to the new card. You will receive your replacement card in the mail within 10 business days of ordering it.

For further details about replacing your Greencard call 13 22 01 or email

Exchanging a faulty Greencard

To exchange a faulty Greencard, take it into a Metro office located at the following locations:

  • Hobart – 22 Elizabeth Street
  • Launceston – 168 Wellington Street
  • Burnie – 28 Strahan Street

Alternatively, you can send your faulty Greencard to us for testing along with a completed Greencard Replacement Form to:

Metro Greencard
PO Box 61
Moonah 7009

If your card is determined by Metro to be faulty, Metro, at its absolute discretion, will either rectify the fault or organise a replacement Greencard at Metro’s cost. A Greencard replacement fee will apply to cards that are deemed to have been damaged.

For further details about replacing your Greencard call 13 22 01 or email

What are the terms and conditions?

Your Greencard is issued subject to, and its use is governed by, the Greencard Terms and Conditions. Click here to view the Greencard Terms & Conditions