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Assessments in Progress

The proponent of each individual proposal is required to prepare the case for assessment in accordance with guidelines issued by the Board of the EPA. For proposals where it is deemed appropriate, public comment is invited on the draft guidelines. Once the case for assessment is submitted to the EPA , in the form of a Development Proposal and Environmental Management Plan or Environmental Effects Report, public comment is invited for a period of time defined by law. If the Board required the proponent to prepare a Supplement to address issues raised during the public comment period it will be available along with the Board's decision. The Board of the EPA (the Board) is required to publicly disclose all information relating to the environmental impact of a proposal.
  • Documentation in Preparation
    Lists all current assessments which have been commenced by the Environment Protection Authority but not yet completed. For many of these assessments detailed documentation has not yet been prepared for release to the public.
  • Public Comment Closed
    After conclusion of the statutory public comment period of an EPA assessment, documentation for proposals being assessed by the EPA will continue to be available here until it is moved the Completed Assessments pages.
  • Public Comment Invited
    The assessment process undertaken by the EPA includes an opportunity for public input in relation to the proposed development. Public representations are invited for a set period of time, as prescribed by law. Documentation for each proposal is available here during the public comment period.

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