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Aboriginal Housing Service Tasmania

Aboriginal Housing Services Tasmania (AHST) provides secure, appropriate and affordable rental housing to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People in Tasmania.

Aboriginal Housing Services Tasmania (AHST) has approximately 330 homes throughout Tasmania.

Aboriginal Housing Services is jointly managed by three Regional Aboriginal Tenancy Advisory Panels and Housing Tasmania. The role of Advisory Panels is to complete the Aboriginal Housing eligibility requirement for communal recognition and make recommendations for allocation based on the assessed need.

Allocations are based on a priority needs assessment.

How to contact us or make a booking

Aboriginal Housing applications can be made through Housing Connect offices statewide.

Housing Connect can talk to you about your circumstances and offer advice on the housing options available to you.

It is not necessary to make a booking, just call into a Housing Connect office (during business hours) or call them on 1800 800 588.

For more information on Housing Connect:

Service Eligibility

Who is Eligible?

People who:

  • are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
  • are low income earners
  • are residents of Australia living in Tasmania
  • are 16 years of age or older, and
  • have financial assets of less than $35 000.

An Aboriginal person is a person who satisfies all the following requirements:

  • has Aboriginal ancestry
  • self-identifies as an Aboriginal person, and
  • can obtain a letter of communal recognition by a recognised Aboriginal community organisation.

How do I apply?

Just call into, or telephone, the Housing Connect office closest to you.

Cost Information

Rent is calculated as a proportion of household income.

More Information

If you wish to provide feedback on the services provided by Housing Tasmania, contact the customer feedback hotline on 1300 665 663.