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Kevin Durant is the MVP of trying really hard to opening up these beer cans
Haha 2 hours ago
The Warriors star had a bit of trouble cracking and chugging a brew in the locker room after the NBA Finals victory.
When you discover your preschool crush on Twitter
Cute 43 minutes ago
User @urchicahanna originally tweeted to show how her mom messed up her hairstyle as a child. But what happened in the comments section is priceless.
The misunderstood half-up-half-down hair club
Haha 3 hours ago
When @urchicahanna posted a childhood photo of her mother's interpretation of "half up half down" hair, she realized she wasn't alone.

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This hospital holds a graduation ceremony for babies leaving the NICU

💙 HAPPY 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY BABY! 💙 I can't wait to spend the rest of our years together doing fun things and going amazing places! 👫😘

Change of plans— season 2 will now be 'The Assassination of Gianni Versace' instead of 'Katrina':

The top 1% of global households will soon hold more than half of all private wealth

A speed rating of 100, surely? 😂 Usain Bolt is to feature as a player in Pro Evolution Soccer 2018.


✋✋️ After a historic series, don't miss the blocks that made everyone stop! 💪

Olaf's Frozen Adventure - Official US Trailer

The trailer for is here! The all-new featurette will open in US theatres in front of beginning November 22.

.: "That opening quote was classic . He is tough. He's combative & he stood up for himself."

Sweet treats in Miami

Research using data collected during our shows the impact of wildfires worldwide. More:

Take your clip-viewing game to the next level. Speed ⬆️, slow ⬇️, or go frame-by-frame with the new playback options for Clips!

This is Jed. He may be the fanciest pupper in the game right now. Knows it too. 13/10 would sign modeling contract

Diego Maradona, , and Lev Yahsin join as new ICONS in ! More ICONS revealed during the summer.

Tough game tonight, a lot to improve on. Many thanks to the travelling fans.

Man, much respect to Floyd Senior still getting a few rounds in at the gym. I hope I can still train at that age. Respect.

Exclusive: , Shawn Levy tackling 'The Land of Stories' movie for Fox

WWE SmackDown Live Exclusive: SmackDown LIVE Takes Over New Orleans
For the latest WWE news and highlights, visit Sign up now at to get your 30-day free trial.

EXCLUSIVE: has the scoop on tonight's HUGE edition of in New Orleans, the home of 34!

Young people voted in record numbers in the General Election because they wanted real change and a government that will work .

A little girl hold a penguin's flipper as they walk together at London Zoo, 1937.

Is this E3? Where am I?

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