Application Information

Guidelines for completing Applications Forms

To help us process your application as quickly as possible, read these guidelines before completing your form. If you are still not sure how to complete a form, contact us.

  • Ensure that you write in BLOCK LETTERS and answer every question.
  • If a question does not apply, state "N/A". If there are no details to disclose in response to a particular question, state "NIL".
  • If the space available is insufficient supply the required information on an attachment page. Precede each answer with the number applicable to that question.
  • All applicants must provide witnessed copies of required identification documents as per instructions detailed in the application form.

Licensed Premises Gaming Licence

Individuals, partnerships, companies or incorporated bodies may apply to operate keno and/or gaming machines at licensed premises in Tasmania.

The Associate application form must be completed by the persons set out in section A of the application below. 

Special Employee's and Technician's Licence

A special employee is a person employed by a casino, hotel or club to undertake specific gaming duties, such as operating keno or attending to gaming machines.
A technician is a person who installs, services, repairs or maintains gaming equipment in Tasmania or undertakes software / hardware development, testing and analysis. A technician is not a special employee and is separately licensed.


Special Employee's and Technician's Licence application

Recognition of Interstate Gaming Licences

Under the Mutual Recognition Act 1992, the Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Commission may be able to issue either a Special Employee's licence or a Technician's licence to any person who is currently licensed in another jurisdiction.

Responsible Conduct of Gambling - Ensure that you understand your responsibilities to your patrons. 
Exclusions - What you need to do if someone wants to exclude themselves from gambling or is already excluded from gambling.

Tasmanian Gaming Licence

Tasmanian Gaming Licences allow licence holders to conduct gaming activities by means of a telecommunications device including internet gaming. Activities that fall under a Tasmanian gaming licence include sports betting, simulated gaming, betting exchange, race wagering, totalizator and major lotteries.

Companies applying for a Tasmanian Gaming Licence must fill out the application for a Tasmanian Gaming Licence and an Associate application form for all Directors and Associates of the company.

Individuals applying for a Tasmanian Gaming Licence must fill out the application for a Tasmanian gaming licence and Associate application form. 

Foreign Games Permit

A Foreign Games Permit allows the selling of tickets in a game or lottery in Tasmania where there is an approval for that game or lottery to be run in another jurisdiction. The provider must be licensed to operate the game or lottery in the other jurisdiction.

Companies applying for a Foreign Games Permit must complete the application and an associate application form for all Directors and associates of the company.