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Public Notices site

The new Public Notices site, a part of, provides a central repository for all public information, and now allows agencies to log in and directly manage their notices.

Each agency is provided with login details that allow them to post, edit and archive their public notices. There is no approval required by DPAC for these messages, so there’s no delay in their processing or publication once you save them.

Each agency will have their own approval processes in place for the publication of public notices. This process should account for both the Public Notices site and the weekend listings processed by Grey Matters, but it’s completely up to each agency how to process and approve these.

Posting Notices

To log into the site, go to and enter the username and password provided to you by DPAC. For the purposes of the video, we used the State Growth account.

This will bring up the main notices screen - up the top you’ll be presented with a list of existing notices on the site. Below you will see the main form for creating a new notice.

Posting a new notice

First up, we’re going to post a new notice to the site. So, you can see here I’ve logged in and I have the main screen. Down the bottom here, we’re going to post our new notice.

Heading is just the title of the notice. (ie, Application for Exploration Licence - Valentines Road)

The Subheading is optional - this is just any additional information that you might want to enter for a bit of context or background related to the title. It will be presented right underneath the heading. (ie, Mineral Resources Development Act 1995)

The Display Start and End Dates control the period over which the notice will be displayed on the site. Use your judgement to decide how long the notice should be live for - for many notices, a period of two weeks will be appropriate. Some others, such as road closures, exploration licences or water restrictions, have end dates which can be used on the site.

The Advertisement Date is the date that will be displayed on the notice itself. Usually this will be the same as the Display Start Date, but you may find it’s useful to set this separately if, for example you wish to backdate a notice, or display the notice to the public before its official publication in the papers.

The Body of the advertisement is where you enter the main content of the advertisement itself. You’ll see an editing toolbar here which should look familiar, similar to Word or some web editing tools you may have used.

A few things to keep in mind when formatting body content:

  • You won’t have the option to set fonts here - these styles are set by the site itself
  • To style headers, use the Styles menu. Header1 - the Notice title - will already be inserted for you at the top of the notice, so you don’t need to enter that. Start from Header 2.
  • Even though they’re presented here, please avoid using background and font colours - these can cause accessiblity issues, and are best avoided.

Inserting an image

  • Click to position the insertion point to where you'd like the image to be placed
  • Click on the Insert File icon in the main toolbar: 
  • First, upload your image if required: 
    • In the File Manager window that appears, click the upload button in the top toolbar:
    • Drag the file you want to upload into the Drop Files... area
    • Click on Return to Files List, where your newly-uploaded file should now be 
  • Just click once on the image you'd like to insert - it will be placed into the body of the notice

Inserting a link

  • To insert a link into the body of the notice, select the text or image you'd like to link, then click the Link button in the toolbar:
  • In the dialog box that comes up, enter the web address you'd like to link to into the Url field, and click OK.

Editing Notices

  • Log in to the site
  • Click on existing notice from the list at top of page, edit details and click Save

Deleting Notices

  • To delete a notice, open it up from the list and click Delete down the bottom.
    Note: Be careful! The notice is currently deleted immediately once the button is pressed. 

Duplicating Notices

  • To duplicate an existing notice, just click Duplicate next to the notice you'd like to copy.
  • Update the details and content as required, and, click Save.
  • This will create a new notice based on the template notice. 
    • The original notice will not be modified.