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Classified advertising guidelines


All Tasmanian Government classified advertisements for jobs, tenders and public notices in the three Tasmanian daily papers are to appear as part of the consolidated Government entry in their respective classified section.

Example of consolidated job section View an example of a consolidated job section

The only exceptions to this are:

  • where there is a recognised need for a display advertisement to be placed in the early general news (EGN) or other non-classified section
  • advertisements that market educational courses.

Interstate job, tender and public notice ads will be consolidated if multiple ads are placed in the same section of an interstate newspaper.

Format - design and content

A new design framework for classified job, tender and public notice advertisements was launched in February 2009. The design of the job ads in particular is designed to improve effectiveness in attracting job seekers and communicating the values of the State Service as an employer

Job ads

Job ads in Tasmania’s daily papers can be presented in a standard line-listing format or as a hot job or executive appointment. The specifications for these presentation styles are provided during the uploading of job details via the administration website for Talk to your department’s HR area for more information and advice on format options.

A shell/template exists for interstate job ads, however agencies have the flexibility to determine their own content and create their own design as long as it is consistent with the requirements of the Tasmanian Government Style Guide and Logo Policy. Gray Matters Advertising can provide further advice on the layout of interstate job ads.

Tender ads

Tender ads are lodged via the Tenders website and guidance on the content of ads is provided during the uploading process. Ads are consolidated into the standard design format.

Example of tender advert View an example of a tender advert

Public notice ads

Agencies have the flexibility to determine their own content for public notice advertisements. Print ads are consolidated into the standard design format, while online notices are made available on the Public Info site.

Example of a public notice View an example of a public notice


It is mandatory for State Government agencies to use ‘whole-of-government’ contracts where they have been established, therefore all Tasmanian classified advertisements should be placed through Gray Matters Advertising (phone 6224 8777) as the Tasmanian Government’s contractor for Advertising - Print Media Services for Vacancy Notices, Tenders and Public Notices.

Tasmanian Government jobs, tenders and public notices must be published on the Jobs, Tenders and PublicInfo websites. The lodging classified advertising instructions (PDF) provide guidance on how to make these bookings.

Sub-brand and partner logo usage

Sub-brand logos cannot be accommodated on job advertisements in the three Tasmanian daily newspapers due to the layout. Sub-brands can be used on interstate job ads and must be the same size as the Tasmanian Government logo.

Example of interstate job advert with sub-brand logo View an example of an interstate job advert with sub-brand logo

Sub-brand logos may appear on tender and public notices.

Partner/sponsor logos may appear on tender and public notices where:

  • the advertisement relates to an activity that is jointly funded eg an Australian Government/State Government initiative
  • a national program with a registered business name and copyrighted unique identifier is operating as part of a State Government program eg Seniors Card.

Sub-brand and partner/sponsor logo specifications (size and placement of logo) will be determined within the limitations of the layout.