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Social media sites, online advertising and applications

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Mandatory: logo, text identifier or link to a URL.

Social media sites are websites that are not owned by the Tasmanian Government, but that host Government content. These may include social networking sites (such as Facebook and Twitter), blogs, wikis, media sharing sites and forums.

Pages set up on social media sites on behalf of a Tasmanian Government project, initiative or business unit must be authorised by the Agency Communications Manager.

The page must clearly identify the Tasmanian Government as the source of information or owner of the page. This may be done through the presence of a Tasmanian Government logo or a statement of ownership.

There must also be a link back to the agency’s website, as well as a mechanism to contact the agency about the content.

Example of Twitter branding
Example of Facebook branding

Online advertising encompasses all forms of advertising online, including (but not limited to) ads on news sites, banner ads and Facebook ads.

The mandatory font and colour palette apply to online advertising. Where space allows, the Tasmanian Government logo must be included in the ad, preferably in the bottom right hand corner.

Where space is limited, the ad must link to a Tasmanian Government site, or a social media site or page that clearly identifies the Tasmanian Government as the owner or source of information, either through a logo or statement of ownership

Applications (apps), for example software for smartphones or tablet computers, must clearly identify the Tasmanian Government as the owner or source of information. This must be done by including a Tasmanian Government logo, and may also include a statement of ownership.

The size of the Tasmanian Government logo in apps is to be decided on a case-by-case basis. Agencies must ensure that the logo is in proportion with the rest of the content, and the words “Tasmanian Government” must be legible. The logo must be included where possible, however if space is restricted or logo placement isn’t possible, a statement of ownership should instead be used to identify the Tasmanian Government. If in doubt, seek advice from the Agency Communications Manager.

Example of an application