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Partnerships are mutually beneficial and co-operative relationships in which partners may share values, objectives, resources (human, material or financial), roles and responsibilities in order to achieve jointly desired outcomes. Partnerships may exist between two or more parties and can include partners external to government.

When negotiating a partnership, government should do so in a manner that will withstand public scrutiny and is fair to existing and potential parties.


The terms partnership and sponsorship are often used interchangeably, however there are some fundamental differences.

Partnerships are distinct from sponsorship in that they are:

  • typically of greater duration and span multiple events or activities
  • more often entered to fulfil the strategic goals rather than the marketing goals of an organisation
  • composed of organisations working collaboratively together and sharing equally in the outcomes of the initiative.

(see section 8.8 Sponsorship)

Style Guide requirements

In a partnership or supporting arrangement, the Tasmanian Government's involvement needs to be acknowledged through use of its logo.

The Style Guide outlines how the logo should be used in partnership and support situations.

Communications Policy requirements

Read more about the Policy requirements regarding partnerships.