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Television advertising

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Mandatory: logo end frame, an authorisation frame (except CSAs), captioning and CAD approval.

The Tasmanian Government logo must appear on the end frame prior to the authorisation frame of all television advertisements.

The logo must be a minimum size of one-third of the screen height and should appear in full colour on a white screen, or in white reversed out of a black screen.

If sponsors logos are to be used, they are to appear evenly spaced along the bottom of the screen under the Tasmanian Government logo.

For advertisements 30 seconds and above, the Tasmanian Government logo must appear for a minimum of 2.5 seconds.  Foradvertisements 15 seconds and below, the logo must appear for a minimum of 1.5 seconds.

Access Tasmanian Government logo end frame visual file.

Logo screen

All television advertisements must carry the official authorisation end frame: “Authorised by the Tasmanian Government, Hobart. Spoken by (name/s talent)”. These words must appear on a black screen for at least 1.5 seconds, and the words “Authorised by the Tasmanian Government, Hobart” must be spoken at the same time.

The authorisation is written in Futura mid BT in 20-24 point.

During a care taker period, the “spoken by” information must be included in the voice over.

Authorisation screen

All television advertising must include closed captioning.




Captions enable the soundtrack of a television program, commercial, DVD or video to be read. Unlike foreign language subtitles, which are a translation of the dialogue only, captions include other elements of the soundtrack such as sound effects and music. They are also coloured and positioned on screen to help the viewer follow who is speaking. Closed captions can be switched on or off by the viewer.
Example of a video with captioning (still shot)

All television advertising, include community service announcements (CSAs) must be classified by CAD, part of Free TV Australia’s Commercial Advice, before they are broadcast. The classification, in the form of a CAD number, must be provided to television stations along with the final advertisement.

More information about this process is at

Please note: CAD’s classification does not determine whether an advertisement requires an authorisation frame – this is required on all advertisements (other than CSAs) under this policy.

The requirements for television advertisements remain if an ad is featured as a CSA, except that the authorisation screen is not required. Representation of the station's support will depend upon individual negotiations.