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Promotional materials

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Mandatory: logo, basewave, font and colour palette.

Promotional documents, such as newsletters, brochures, flyers and posters, are required to use all the mandatory elements – logo, basewave, font and colour palette.

Note: the basewave and logo device is only required on the front page of a document. The subsequent pages are not required to have the basewave and logo device. Subsequent pages are required to use the Gill Sans font and the colour palette.

See the Style guide gallery for examples of how the elements have been applied to professional documents.

Example of a brochure and a flyer
Example of a newsletter

Mandatory: logo, font, and colour palette.

Posters and banners are required to use the mandatory font, colour palette and the Tasmanian Government logo. The basewave should be used where the proportions and design allow.

Example of pull up banner and bow head banner

Mandatory: logo, basewave, font, and colour palette.

If the width of the poster is more than twice the height, use of the basewave is optional.

Example of a poster with the basewave

Mandatory: logo, basewave, font, and colour palette.

The basewave and the logo are only required on the first slide, not on subsequent slides.

Templates of PowerPoint presentations are available at

Example of PowerPoint first slide
Example of PowerPoint subsequent slides