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Mandatory: font, colour palette, basewave, logo and publication information.

Publications include documents such as reports, manuals, government submissions etc and encompass those intended for publication internal to an agency and within Government, as well as external publications.

Optional templates are available at

All four mandatory elements – the logo, basewave, Gills Sans font and colours from the palette – must be applied to the front cover of publications.

Page borders are not permitted on the front or back cover.

Any graphic devices or promotional logos must appear above the basewave in the design.

Example of front cover

The only mandatory requirements for the inside pages are the colour palette and Gill Sans font. The logo and basewave are not required on the inside pages of a publication.

See font Size and Typography for specific font requirements.


Example of internal spread

All Government publications must include the following bibliographic information:

  • Author –the name of the department, NOT the name/s of individual
  • Source – the unit/branch/division producing the publication
  • Contact details such as postal address, phone, email and website address
  • Date of publications – month and year
  • Acknowledgement of copyright: Copyright State of Tasmania (year of first publication).

Where applicable:

  • Volume Issue number if the publication is part of a series
  • International Standard Book Number (ISBN) or International Standard Series
    Number (ISSN). For more information on ISBNs and ISSNs visit

This information is generally placed in the inside front cover of a publication but can be relocated depending on the layout of the document.

The Publications: Guidelines provide more information on these and other publication requirements – see

Example of publication information