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Fresh batch of photos on the image library

Sample of images from DPAC photo shoot.We don’t need to tell you that images form an integral part of the work we do as communicators. As they say, a picture paints a thousand words, and the inclusion of images on government materials improves design and aids the readers’ understanding of our content.

Many of our existing images were overused and had become dated. It was time to inject some new life into our materials.  So DPAC conducted a large agency-wide photo shoot to refresh the images we use to promote our programs and services as well as support our internal communication needs.

We’ve now uploaded the new images from this shoot to the Tasmanian Government Image Library making them freely available to all other departments as well.

The shoot delivered a vibrant and modern suite of photos with over 500 unique images and 2500 actual images supplied on a range of topics such as social inclusion, Service Tasmania shop fronts, seniors, women, migrants, young people and people with disability, famers markets, war memorials, State Service careers, climate change and much, much more.

The photos have already started appearing in the department’s communications materials such as the recently refreshed DPAC website, the Asian Century White Paper, Low Carbon Issues Paper and Companion Card Program literature.  We hope you can put them to good use too.

What did we learn from organising this photo shoot that we could pass on?

  • Choose your photographer carefully – it’s not all about the price. Pick someone who understands your needs and can best deliver the style and mood of image you’re after.
  • Don’t presume you know what types of images are required. Make sure you go and speak with the people in your department that will be using them first. In DPAC’s case, we couldn’t have delivered imagery so fit for purpose without tapping into the knowledge and industry contacts of our staff.
  • Remember to ask for portrait and landscape versions of each subject matter. Don’t get caught out with a fantastic image that you can’t use as your website header because you only have it in portrait.
  • Don’t underestimate the time it takes to set-up a shoot. Your photographer can do a certain amount of ringing around to find talent and locations, but perhaps they need to bring on a project manager or you need to take on this role. Freeing up the photographers time to focus on capturing the photo will improve productivity and generate more images.
  • If you have the time, accompany your photographer on the shoot. This way you can provide input on the spot to get the exact images you’re after. You can also handle the logistical requirements like getting all those image release forms signed. Don’t underestimate what a time consuming job this is on a big shoot!
  • Upload you’re photo shoot to the government image library so everyone can benefit from the hard work, time and money that went into its creation. If finding the time is the only thing stopping you, hand them over to DPAC Communications and Marketing Unit and we’ll get them uploaded for you!

For more information about the shoot or getting your own images up onto the library give us a call on 6270 5477 or