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What's new in the fourth Style Guide edition?

styleguide_coverThe fourth edition of the Tasmanian Government Style Guide and Logo Policy has been updated to include guidance on social media, online advertising and adaptive websites that are increasingly being taken-up across Government.  It also clarifies some existing requirements, has an updated cover design and includes some new examples. 

The corporate identity and web font sections of the guide remain unchanged as discussion among agencies about potential changes is still ongoing.  The updated guide is now available online and in downloadable and printable PDF.  A printed version will be issued once the corporate identity and web font reviews are complete.

Below is a summary of the major changes to the policy and the document:

What’s new?

Mobile websites and adaptive design

After being prompted by requests for advice from several agencies, a section on mobile websites and sites with adaptive designs has been introduced to the Style Guide. 

Mobile websites and adaptive designs are required to display the Tasmanian Government logo in the header section of the design.  There is some flexibility for programs that have been granted permission to develop a graphic device and for sub-brands.  In these cases Agency Communications Managers may allow the Tasmanian Government logo to appear in the footer.

Requirements for the footer section of mobile websites and adaptive designs sites are also specified.

Social media sites, online advertising and apps

We’ve also introduced a section on social media sites, online advertising and applications.

Social media

The Style Guide specifies that Tasmanian Government social media pages must be:

  • authorised by Agency Communications Managers
  • clearly identify the Tasmanian Government as the source of the information or owner of the page via a logo or an ownership statement
  • must link back to the agency’s website.
Online advertising

In online advertising, the mandatory font and colour palette apply and, where space allows, the Tasmanian Government logo must be included, preferably in the bottom right-hand corner.

Where space is limited, such as Facebook advertising, ads must link to a Tasmanian Government site, or a social media site or page that clearly identifies the Tasmanian Government as the owner or source of information.


Apps must clearly identify the Tasmanian Government as the owner or source of information.  This must be done by including a Tasmanian Government logo, and may also include a statement of ownership.

The size of the logo must be in proportion with the rest of the content on the app.

Greater flexibility to choose different fonts for headings in printed materials

In printed materials, whilst it is recommended that headings and sub-headings be Gills Sans regular, bold, italic or light, we’ve introduced flexibility for Agency Communications Managers to approve the use of a different font in a heading styles to achieve creative objectives.

What tweaks have been made?

A simpler numbering system

The previous Style Guide use alphabetical sections to aid navigation but this has now been replaced with a standard page number table of contents in response to user feedback. 

You’ll still find coloured labels on the edge of each page to make it easy to flick through the guide and find the section you need.

Updated colour palette breakdown

The colour palette breakdown has been updated to reflect the most recent versions of the Pantone Colour Standards.

Television advertising and multimedia sections streamlined

Television and multimedia have been separated into two sections and reworked to make the requirements for both easier to follow.


As always, if you need assistance with the Style Guide and Logo Policy, Agency Communications Managers should be your first point of contact. 

If you have any comments or feedback on the Fourth Edition of the Style Guide and Logo Policy, please contact Emma Fyfe -