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Social Media Strategy Template

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Is social media right for you and how do you make the most of it? Use our updated Strategy Template as a guide.

The social media strategy template will help you decide whether going down the social media path is the right one for your initiative. And, if it is, it will help you to get the most out of communicating via social media by making you think and plan strategically before you jump in.

This strategy template assists you to identify who your target audiences are, which social media channel/s suit your needs best, and how social media will help achieve the communication objectives of your initiative. It also documents who is responsible for maintaining the page or account, how often updates will be made, and how quickly you will respond to comments from followers.

A social media strategy is an essential planning tool and should be reviewed and updated as an initiative progresses.

Where do I get help?

Your agency Communications Manager is the first person to talk to (after your direct manager) when you are considering a new campaign – whether it includes social media, or more traditional media.

Note: Social media strategies must be approved by your agency Communications and Marketing Manager (the same as communications strategies) before your page/account is made live.

In addition, you might like to review the requirements for publishing content on non-Government websites (such as social media sites) under the Tasmanian Government Communications Policy.