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New tools and resources to help you create Easy English documents

Late last year two Easy English courses were run that gave an overview of what Easy English is and provided guidance on when and how Project Officers should plan to publish an Easy English version of their publication.

To support participants and other people in the Tasmanian Government to implement Easy English publications in their own agencies, we’ve produced three key resources with the help of the Information Access Group. These include an Easy English Checklist, a tool to help you identify appropriate audiences for Easy English documents and an Easy English Handbook.

What is Easy English?

Easy English is a method of presenting information that is easy to read and easy to understand. These documents are particularly useful for audiences with disability, low literacy levels, or where English is a second language.

Key characteristics of Easy English documents include:

  • using images to support text
  • using one idea per sentence
  • using large font size
  • allowing plenty of white space.

Our new Easy English resources

We are launching three new resources to help people create Easy English documents through identifying the audience, choosing the right language level and developing materials accordingly.
These resources are:

  • an Easy English Checklist
  • the Easy English Audience Analyser
  • an Easy English Handbook.

Easy English Checklist

The Easy English Checklist gives people creating Easy English documents a checklist of things they should be considering incorporating in the document e.g. have you used a short and simple title, do you have wide margins and do you have only one idea per sentence?

Easy English Audience Analyser

The Easy English Audience Analyser will help you work out whether Easy English is appropriate for your target audience. It helps with segmenting your audience so that contents can be delivered in the best way for that audience.

Easy English Handbook

The Easy English Handbook is a comprehensive guide about Easy English. It contains information about literacy levels in Australia, what Easy English is, what it looks like and why it is important.