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Acknowledging Tasmanian Government support

Have you received support either funding or in-kind from the Tasmanian Government? Follow the steps on this page to find out how you are required to acknowledge the support that you have received.

Step 1: Refer to your grant deed

If you have a grant deed with the Tasmanian Government, it will most likely include a clause on how to recognise the Tasmanian Government’s support. It will also provide a contact person for the grant who will be able to assist you with any questions you have about your grant, including how to recognise funding support.

Step 2: Was your grant provided by Arts Tasmania?

If no, go to step 3.

If you have received a grant from the Department of State Growth through Arts Tasmania, refer to their information for successful applicants web page to determine the correct way to use logo and text acknowledgements to recognise Tasmanian Government support.

Step 3: Contact the responsible Tasmanian Government agency

If you are still unclear on your obligations, please contact the Tasmanian Government agency that is responsible for your support.

Agency contacts

Resource for Tasmanian Government agencies: guidelines for positioning the Tasmanian Government logo on materials

If you are responsible for managing grants provided by your agency, you might find it useful to attach the following resource showing correct placement of the Tasmanian Government logo to any grant deed documentation given to recipients.

Feel free to edit the contact details and footer to ensure the resource is relevant to your agency.