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Risk management

The purpose of risk management is to ensure levels of risk and uncertainty are properly managed, so any potential threat to the delivery of outputs (level of resourcing, time, cost and quality) and the realisation of outcomes/benefits by the Business Owner(s) is appropriately managed to ensure the project is completed successfully.

The Tasmanian Government Project Management Guidelines provides a definition of risk, identifies the main elements of risk management, the roles and responsibilities for successful risk management and documentation requirements.

The resources provided in this toolkit include links to relevant:

  • Sections from the Tasmanian Government Project Management Guidelines
  • Fact sheets
  • Templates
  • Examples
  • Useful links
    plus any further resources that may be helpful

Information and advice on risk management is available by emailing

Toolkit resources for risk management

Project management mailing list HTML Page

The Project Management Mailing List has been set up to support the sharing ideas and information about project management within the Tasmanian Government, between the three tiers of government, and between private and public sectors.

Developing a Risk Management Plan Fact Sheet v1.4 PDF File (161.9 KB)

Risk Management FAQ v1.4 PDF File (155.1 KB)

Risk management plan template and guide v1.1 MS Word (155.0 KB)

Project risk register template and guide v1.3 MS Word (592.0 KB)

Risk identification tool large or complex projects v.1.1 PDF File (207.8 KB)

Project status report template and guide v2.4 MS Word (610.5 KB)

Other project management training opportunities HTML Page

Provides links to information about other project management training opportunities.

Web Publishing Framework Project Risk Management Plan v1.0 PDF File (149.6 KB)

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