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Major actions

1. Transforming the Tasmanian Government through ICT

  1. invest in building spatial information foundations;
  2. establish an integrated approach and common infrastructure to support customer contact across government;
  3. establish a single view of patient health information, support the delivery of health care services and interactions with external service providers, and the adoption of eHealth services;
  4. link the school systems through a collaborative data centre (hosting a diverse range of shared educational resources); and
  5. establish and securely share a view of critical shared information on criminal and related community safety services.

2. Building the capacity of the Tasmanian Government through ICT

  1. implement a common approach to data centres/storage;
  2. develop an integrated government identity management platform;
  3. implement a common approach to the provision of integrated voice services;
  4. implement a common approach to email;
  5. implement common business processes and shared ICT services (for HR, finance, information management and web/communications);
  6. develop an integrated emergency despatch service;
  7. develop an integrated government radio network; and
  8. strategically manage the Government’s information assets over their lifecycle.

3. Improving the way the Tasmanian Government manages ICT

  1. re-design agency ICT functions (in response to the ICT Strategy);
  2. develop consistent agency ICT Strategic Plans;
  3. develop consistent agency ICT Strategic Asset Management Plans;
  4. develop a Tasmanian Government ICT Architecture;
  5. implement ongoing benchmarking of ICT costs and services; and
  6. develop an ICT Roadmap (for common ICT services).

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