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Vision and objectives


The Tasmanian community will benefit from improved and transformed service delivery, greater public sector productivity and informed decision making, which will be enabled by ICT resources that are forward-looking, adaptable and effectively managed across the public sector.


1. Improved productivity in the public sector through investment in ICT

The strategic and efficient investment in ICT to reduce costs, to ensure the realisation of whole-of-government benefits and the efficient use of resources, to encourage capacity building across government, and to ensure the ongoing management of information assets and associated risks.

2. Improved and transformed service delivery, that is more client centric and more integrated across government, through ICT

ICT will be used to transform government service delivery, improve services for clients, ensure a citizen-centric focus and alignment of services across portfolios, encourage the sharing of information and facilitate the integration of service delivery channels.

3. Better access to information for the community, business and public sector employees

There will be an emphasis on open government to ensure the sharing and access to government information (ie Government 2.0) and to encourage online access to government where possible.

4. Strong leadership, focused investment decisions and effective management of ICT across the public sector

The driving of major ICT initiatives, and the provision of clear advice and recommendations on the future directions in ICT, to ensure clarity of expectations and to encourage long term investments.

5. A common approach to the provision of commodity ICT resources

To ensure the most effective and efficient provision of those ICT components that are common to many, if not all, parts of government.

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