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Premier's foreword

We are constantly looking for ways we can deliver government services more efficiently, effectively and consumer friendly. The answer lies in well planned investment in ICT infrastructure and programs.

The Tasmanian Government has traditionally employed an agency based model for managing and planning most of its ICT. This model has suited government well in the past. However, a range of pressures has required the development of a more coordinated and strategic approach to key elements of ICT within government, including:

  • the challenges and opportunities facing the state are changing more rapidly;
  • state policies responses increasingly involve co-ordinated responses from many agencies;
  • national policy responses increasingly involve collaboration by many governments; and
  • budget pressures are growing.

In mid-2010 the Tasmanian Government established the ICT Policy Board. Its roles include providing advice to me on ICT strategies, policies and investment, and to develop and maintain the ICT Strategy for the Tasmanian Government.
The Tasmanian Government ICT Strategy will drive improved and transformed service delivery, greater public sector productivity and informed decision making. This will be enabled by ICT resources that are forward-looking, adaptable and effectively managed across the public sector.

Funding for new initiatives that result from the implementation of the ICT Strategy will follow the Objectives and Principles of the Strategy. This will assist government ICT investment decision making by providing quality information, including business cases.

The Secretary of the Department of Premier and Cabinet, who is also the Chair of the ICT Policy Board, will report on a six monthly basis to myself and Cabinet on performance against the ICT Strategy for the use of ICT across government.
To drive the implementation of the Tasmanian Government ICT Strategy, my Department will support the ICT Policy Board by monitoring the progress of the ICT Strategy, advising on ICT investments, and developing benchmarks on ICT investments and performance across the Government.

My Department will continue its close working relationship with agencies on the implementation of this Strategy. This will include working with senior executives of all agencies in a spirit of collaboration and consultation in identifying and achieving agreed objectives.

My Government’s endorsement of the ICT Strategy reflects our recognition that ICT is a key tool for the Government to improve and transform service delivery and to drive greater productivity and informed decision making.

┬źTasmanian Government ICT Strategy Vision and objectives┬╗


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