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Information and communications technology (ICT)

Standards, services, and information to support and improve better practice in information and communications technology across government.
Tasmanian Government ICT Strategy

The Tasmanian Government ICT Strategy aims to drive improved and transformed service delivery, greater public sector productivity and informed decision making relating to ICT.

ICT Investment and Decision Making Framework

The purpose of the ICT Investment and Decision Making Framework is to guide alignment of ICT investment plans for the Tasmanian Government, and to build a culture of strategic management for ICT systems and technology.

Networking Tasmania III discussion paper

Currently the Tasmanian Government procures its wide area data network (WAN) services via what are known as the Network Tasmania (NT) II agreements. These agreements end in May 2015. This discussion paper is intended to generate discussion amongst NT II stakeholders, including customers and potential suppliers, on the future requirements that will be delivered under the next generation of purchasing agreements – to be known as NT III.

ICT Project Fund Quality Assurance Framework

The ICT Project Fund quality assurance framework is to provide standard independent and fit-for-purpose reviews at key milestones and checkpoints for projects funded through the ICT Project Fund.

Application architecture and development

Business, information and technical standards and guidelines to support business processes and information and communications technology-based servcies across government.

IT Managers Group

Background information on the IT Managers Group. The role of the group is to influence and provide advice on the strategic direction of information and communications technologies (ICT) across government.

The next steps for Tasmanian Government data centres and managed services

One of the major actions to support the ICT Strategy is to implement a common approach to data centre/storage. The next steps for Tasmanian Government data centres and managed services is to stabilise existing facilities and services. Short term activities are to meet immediate data centre and manage services needs and facilitate future transition. The development of a business case will determine medium term data centre and managed services requirements.

Government 2.0

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