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Premier's Reading Challenge

10 June to 18 August 2014

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Premier's Reading Challenge?

Premier's Reading Challenges have taken off around Australia.  They are a fun and effective way of improving the literacy of students.  The Tasmanian PRC started in 2008.  It is not a competition, but a challenge to students to read, to read more and to read more widely.  The Challenge aims to encourage a love of books and reading and also raise awareness of the importance of reading in the wider Tasmanian community.

Who is the Challenge for?

All Tasmanian primary school students from prep to grade 6, including home educated students.

How many books do I need to read to finish the Challenge?

You need to read 10 books between 10 June and 18 August 2014.  That's just one book a week for ten weeks.  If you finish your 10 books before 18 August, don't stop; keep reading!

What does it cost?

Nothing!  It is free to take part in the Premier's Reading Challenge.

My school isn't registered for the Challenge. Can I still take part?

Your school will need to be registered for the Challenge for you to take part.  If you're not sure if your school is registered, ask your teacher. 

Home educated students can also take part, as long as their parent or guardian has registered them.

Why isn't there a PRC booklist?

There was a booklist in 2008 but feedback from teachers and parents told us that it was too limiting.  So we decided that it's easier and much more fun for you to choose your own books - fiction or non-fiction.  Remember to make sure that they're right for your age and reading level.  If you don't know what books to choose, ask your teacher or librarian for help.

What incentives are there for schools to register?

In 2014 all schools registered for the Challenge have the chance to win:

  • One of two half day author visits to their school
  • $500 towards books for their school library (two schools from each region)

The above prizes are randomly drawn. 

In addition, three schools which have a high percentage of students completing the Challenge will be invited to Hobart for a certificate presentation ceremony with the Premier.  Each school can choose six students to go, along with teachers and their parents.  All transport expenses will be met.

What type of books count towards the Challenge?

You can read any books that are suitable for your age and reading level.  This includes:

  • Fiction - novels, poetry, short stories, etc
  • Non-fiction - biographies, sport, science, history, etc
  • Large print, audio and Braille for students who are vision or learning impaired
  • Books written in a language other than English
  • eBooks

Teachers and librarians can help you choose books that are right for you.

Can I read more than 10 books?

Yes!  Ten is the minimum number of books you need to read to finish the Challenge.  You don't need to stop reading after 10 books, keep on going if you can.

Can books that I read for the MS Readathon or other school programs count towards the Premier's Reading Challenge?

Yes.  As long as you read them between 10 June and 18 August 2014.  All books that you read can count towards the Premier's Reading Challenge.

If I can read any book, what is stopping me from reading ten really easy books?

To get the most out of the Challenge, think of it as a personal challenge, as well as one set by the Premier.

If you find it easy to read 10 books in 10 weeks then set yourself a goal of reading books that:

  • You know might be harder
  • Are by authors you haven't read before
  • Are about stuff that you don't know much about

Remember that this is about you reading more, reading more widely and having fun with books and reading.

What if I don't find reading easy?

Do your best and stick with it! 

Read by yourself if you can but you can also read with a:

  • Parent, carer or grandparent
  • Teacher
  • Teacher aide
  • Brother or sister
  • Friend or classmate
  • Book buddy

Remember to keep trying.  There are books out there that you will like.  Sometimes they are hard to find so you just need to keep looking, ask your teacher or librarian to help you.

What if I am a student with special needs?

If you are a student with special needs, you can choose books that are:

  • Large print
  • Audio (on a CD)
  • Braille

You can also get help from a:

  • Parent, carer or grandparent
  • Teacher
  • Teacher aide
  • Brother or sister
  • Friend or classmate
  • Book buddy

What do I get when I finish the Challenge?

If you finish the Challenge you will:

  • Get a special 2014 Premier's Reading Challenge certificate signed by the Premier
  • Enter a draw to win one of three $100 book vouchers

There are also some fun prizes to collect along the way.

If lots of students at your school finish the Challenge, your teachers might also have the chance to choose six of you to go to a special certificate presentation ceremony with the Premier.  The ceremony will be held at Parliament House in Hobart early in Term 4.