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Premier's Reading Challenge

10 June to 18 August 2014


The 2014 Premier's Reading Challenge (PRC) runs from Tuesday 10 June to Monday 18 August. 

By encouraging children to read, the Challenge aims to:

  • Inspire children and young people to love books and reading 
  • Raise parent and community awareness about how important reading is as a life skill
  • Encourage families and parents to read with their children every day

It's not a competition, but a challenge to each child to read, to read more and to read more widely, regardless of their current reading level.

Participating in the challenge is easy:

  • The program integrates simply with your existing classroom reading activities
  • The choice of reading materials is not restricted - students can read any fiction or non-fiction books on any subject
  • Any books read at school, at home or that are part of any other reading program can be included

The challenge is a proven strategy that helps primary aged students, their parents and the community, recognise that literacy and reading are essential life skills.  The format has been closely modeled on well-established practices in other Australian states.

How can your school get involved?

Registrations are open from Monday 2 April until Thursday 17 April.  If your school misses the registration period, please email the PRC Team.

What is the role of the PRC school coordinator?

The PRC school coordinator is the main point of contact between the PRC Team and your school.  In most cases, the PRC school coordinator is an AST, librarian or other staff member responsible for the library, or the principal/assistant principal.  Some schools have two coordinators.  Any school staff member can be the PRC school coordinator but we have found that classroom teachers are less able to coordinate the Challenge across all grades than staff with whole of school responsibilities.

During the Challenge

PRC school coordinators will need to:

  • Make sure that all eligible students receive a PRC reading log and have it signed by an adult after reading each book.  An extra page for the reading log can be downloaded here
  • Promote the Challenge within their school by:
    • putting up posters around the school - in classrooms, libraries, and staffroom, student and parent noticeboards
    • have a special PRC book display in the library
    • encourage teachers to have a special PRC book display in their classroom
    • encourage teachers to award e-certificates during school assemblies to participating students who are trying hard with their reading
    • encourage teachers to award students with a special PRC eraser or colour pencil to reward those who are trying especially hard with their reading
  • Remind participating students , that they go into a draw to win one of three $100 book vouchers if they finish the Challenge
  • Encourage reading at home, especially for reluctant readers
  • Place information in the school newsletter to inform parents about your school's involvement in the Challenge

Each week school coordinators will receive a PRC Coordinators Forum e-newsletter from the PRC Team.  It will include news of the 6 book review winners, reminders and other news.  Please share this information with teachers, other staff and students where appropriate.

After the Challenge

PRC school coordinators are asked to:

  • Email an Excel spreadsheet the number of students who have completed the Challenge, organised by grade/class by Friday 29 August - download the spreadsheet from the Resources page
  • Organise a special presentation of the official PRC certificates to those students who have successfully completed the Challenge at either a school assembly or during class time
  • Complete a short online survey about the Challenge - all schools completing the survey will enter a draw to win one of six $500 prizes for school library books

More information on coordinating the PRC in your school can be found in the Practical guide for the PRC in your school (pdf).


There are NO mandatory booklists for the PRC.  

Any books that are age appropriate and considered suitable by a parent, teacher or librarian can be counted.  This includes:

  • Fiction - novels, poetry, short stories, etc
  • Non-fiction - biographies, sport, science, history, etc
  • Large print, audio and Braille for students who are vision or learning impaired
  • Books written in a language other than English
  • eBooks

Younger children may:

  • Have books read to them
  • Take part in shared reading with an adult (parent, grandparent, teacher, teacher aide), book buddy, friend, brother or sister
  • Read part or all of a book by themselves

Students with special needs can:

  • Use assistive materials such as books in Braille, enlarged print, audio books and eBooks
  • Get help from reading buddies and teacher aides

Visit the links below to find lists of suitable reading recommendations:


Reading Log

The PRC Participation Pack includes enough copies of the reading log for each participating student.  Spare or replacement copies can be downloaded from the Resources page.

The reading log:

  • Should be handed out at the beginning of the Challenge
  • Is used to record each student's reading efforts and includes:
    • instructions for students
    • a table to record the names of the books students have read
    • a column for students to say whether they liked a book or not
    • a column for PRC stickers to be awarded for each of the first 10 books read
    • a column for an adult (parent, guardian, teacher or librarian) to sign each time students finish reading a book

At the end of the Challenge, students must return their completed reading log to their teacher by Monday 18 August.  This will give you enough time to enter students' names on your school's certificate data spreadsheet and email it to the PRC Team.

Completed reading logs should be kept at the school as a record of participation (they should not be forwarded to the PRC Team).

Rewards & incentives

For students:

  • PRC bookmark - one for each participating student
  • Stickers - one for each book read (for the first 10 books)
  • Silicon wristbands - one for each student to be awarded at any time during the Challenge 
  • e-certificates - two designs are available to download here.  They can be awarded at anytime during the Challenge to students who have tried particularly hard with their reading
  • PRC tri-colour pencils - a limited number for teachers to award to students who have tried particularly hard with their reading
  • PRC eraser - a limited number for teachers to award to students who have tried particularly hard with their reading
  • Book reviews - $15 book vouchers awarded to selected online book reviews - six per week
  • Certificate of completion - all students who finish the Challenge will receive a special certificate, signed by the Premier, in Term 4
  • $100 book vouchers - all students who finish the Challenge will go into a draw to win one of three $100 book vouchers.

For schools:

  • Author visit - all schools registered by 17 April will go into a draw to win one of 2 half day visits from a well-known Tasmanian author to their school.
  • $500 for school library books (survey) - all schools completing the evaluation survey by the closing date will go into a draw to win $500 towards books for their school library - three to win, one in each region
  • Certificate presentation ceremony - three schools, one from each region, will be invited to attend a special certificate presentation ceremony hosted by the Premier at Parliament House in Hobart.  Selection is based on schools' student participation and completion rates.  Each school will select six students to attend the event together with their parents and the school's principal.

What about students who want to be involved but are not eligible?

Even though the Challenge is only officially open to students from prep to grade 6, some schools like to allow students in other grades (e.g. kindergarten and grade 7) to take part.  In these cases, the school is responsible for organising its own incentives and rewards for these students.

To help with this, schools can download and print the following resources for those students:

  • Reading log
  • Bookmarks
  • e-certificate #1 (well done)
  • e-certificate #2 (congratulations)

Key dates for 2014

26 May PRC participation packs sent to all registered schools and home educators
9 June
Queens Birthday Holiday
10 June Premier's Reading Challenge starts
July - August
MS Readathon
5 July Term 2 ends
22 July Term 3 starts
18 August Premier's Reading Challenge ends
29 August Final deadline for submitting student data
27 September Term 3 ends
14 October Term 4 starts
mid-October End of Challenge certificate presentation at Parliament House Hobart
Student certificates posted and school presentations held
3 X $100 book vouchers reader winners announced


You can download additional resources such as reading logs, bookmarks, posters and e-certificates from the Resources page.

Where can I find out more?

If you have any particular questions, please email the PRC Team at