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Premier's Reading Challenge

10 June to 18 August 2014

5 minutes with... Julie Hunt's school visits

Julie Hunt
Many thanks to Strahan Primary School and Sacred Heart School at Ulverstone for making me welcome during my visits at the end of last term. 

Strahan is a tiny school with just two classes. The year 4–6 students amazed me by coming up with a vast number of very good story ideas quickly. I hope they had time to get their ideas down on paper after I left. The younger class, a combined prep to grade 3, listened with interest as I explained how picture books are developed from character sketches through storyboards to finished artwork and they were keen to start their own books.

At Sacred Heart in Ulverstone I tried to give some insight into the rather confusing process of creating a novel, explaining how it’s like a brew and how everything goes into the pot. Ideas can come from anywhere. In my case, the ideas for my book Song for a Scarlet Runner, came from my dad, my aunties, my cows and a quoll that visits my back door at night. 

It was interesting to meet so many budding writers, some of whom are already well on their way as authors. I heard a riveting beginning to a story (or maybe it was a novel) about a child living alone who finds a six-toed footprint on the floor of her house. This writer left me full of questions: Why was that child alone? Where were her family? Who owned that footprint? I hope I get to read that book when it’s finished!

Happy writing to all the students I met and to everyone who is taking part in the Premier’s Reading Challenge.

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