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Forest Residues Solutions Study

URS Australia Pty Ltd has been appointed to undertake an investigation into alternative uses of wood residues in Tasmania.

The objectives of the Residues Solutions Study are to:

  • investigate and report on the economic viability and environmental sustainability of proposals to minimise, process, value add and/or otherwise utilise wood residues in Tasmania; and
  • Identify solutions to minimise, process, value add and/or otherwise utilise wood residues from Permanent Timber Production Zone Land and other sources capable of commercial implementation in Tasmania within 1 to 5 years.

The Study is separated into two stages. Stage 1 will focus on identifying the widest range of options compatible with the objectives of the study.  These identified options are to be prioritised for further investigation based on comparative assessment of relevance to Tasmanian circumstances.

The focus of Stage 2 will be to undertake market, economic and environmental analysis of agreed highest priority options from Stage 1 to assess their potential feasibility in Tasmania.

Broad themes to be considered in Stage 1 include:

  • Sawn timber (eg use of smaller diameter logs);
  • Panel products (eg oriented strand board, medium-density fibreboard and particle board);
  • Pulp and paper;
  • Bioenergy (eg heat and power options);
  • Biofuels (eg ethanol and hydrocarbons);
  • Other potenital markets (eg wood plastic composites, charcoal, activated carbon);
  • Emerging technologies (eg torrefication and nanotechnology)

Part of the project involves consideration of social factors relating to the options under investigation. This includes provision for community participation, and in the course of the project the consultants will be meeting with stakeholders.

If you would like to provide information or your views about a specific proposal for consideration at Stage 1 of the project, please email with your comments no later than 5pm, Wednesday 9 April 2014.