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Policy and Projects

Tasmanian Urban Passenger Transport Framework
The frameworks vision is to provide a safe and responsive passenger transport system that supports improved accessibility, liveability and health outcomes for our communities. Initiatives related to the framework are:

Transit Corridors
The development of transit corridors in our urban areas is one of the key measures identified by the Framework to improve public transport use. These corridors need to be supported by high quality features that enhance the attractiveness and reliability of public transport including high frequency bus services, bus priority measures, off-bus infrastructure such as improved bus waiting facilities and information.

Greater Launceston Metropolitan Passenger Transport Plan
The State Government is in the process of developing a Greater Launceston Metropolitan Passenger Transport Plan. The Plan will guide future passenger transport development and investment in Greater Launceston.

Tasmanian Walking and Cycling for Active Transport Strategy
The Strategy aims to promote walking and cycling as viable and desirable forms of transport through: improved infrastructure; land use planning; and, behavioural change.  It is intended to guide development of walking and cycling as transport options in our urban areas over the long-term by creating a more supportive transport system for pedestrians and cyclists.

Passenger Transport Reviews

Review of the Core Passenger Services 2007
The primary focus of the Review was the improved delivery of core passenger services.

Review of Passenger Transport Legislation 2011
The Passenger Transport Services Act 2011 and the Passenger Transport Services Regulations 2013 commenced on 1 July 2013, following the conclusion of the Review.

Taxis and Hire Vehicles

Taxi and Hire Vehicle Industry Legislation Review
The taxi and hire vehicle industries are regulated by the Taxi and Hire Vehicle Industries Act 2008. Reviews of this legislation occurred in 2006-2007 and 2011.

Wheelchair Accessible Taxis (WAT) Program Review 2014
The WAT program has been operating since 2004.  The Review will consider what changes, if any, to the program are needed to improve access to taxi services for wheelchair-reliant people.

Review of Taxi Licence Release Arrangements (and associated issues)
KPMG's report into Tasmania's taxi licence release arrangements was presented to the State Government in 2013. The Government is considering the recommendations of this report.

Tasmanian Economic Regulator's Taxi Fare Methodology Inquiry
The Tasmanian Economic Regulator completed its taxi fare methodology inquiry and provided its Final Report to the Government on 30 May 2013.  The Government is considering the recommendations of this inquiry.

Other Passenger Transport Projects

Light Rail

PricewaterhouseCoopers Reports on Hobart Light Rail Proposal
In 2013, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) was engaged to complete a Strategic Assessment, Preliminary Planning and an assessment of the Wider Economic Benefits & Funding and Financing Options for the Hobart Light Rail Proposal.

Light Rail Business Case - Hobart to Glenorchy
Work has been undertaken to investigate the feasibility of operating light rail on the section of the existing rail corridor between Brighton and Hobart.

Hobart Central Bus Interchange Planning Study
The project is a joint partnership between the Hobart City Council, State Government, Metro Tasmania and the Tasmania Bus Association (TasBus). The project aims to create a more effective central and integrated transit interchange arrangements for public transport services in Hobart.

Journey to Work Report
Data analysis of 2011 Australian Bureau of Statistics Census data relating to journey to work patterns.