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DIER Sitemap

Level 1 Item Home
Level 1 Item Online Services
Level 1 Item Vehicles, Registration and Licensing
Level 2 Item Forms and Publications
Level 3 Item Registration & Licensing Statistics
Level 4 Item Statistics - Historical
Level 3 Item Evaluation of L2 and P1 practical driving assessments: Final report
Level 1 Item Passenger Transport
Level 2 Item Buses
Level 3 Item Student Bus Fares
Level 4 Item Urban Area Maps
Level 4 Item FAQ - Student Bus Fares
Level 3 Item Newsletters for Bus Operators
Level 2 Item Taxis and Hire Vehicles
Level 3 Item What does it cost to catch a Taxi?
Level 3 Item Understanding Taxis and Luxury Hire Cars
Level 3 Item Newsletters for Taxi and Hire Car Operators
Level 2 Item Walking and Cycling
Level 3 Item Principal Urban Cycling Networks
Level 3 Item Cycleway Directional Signage Resource Manual
Level 3 Item Algona Road Roundabout - Bike Lanes
Level 3 Item Useful Links
Level 2 Item Concessions for the Aged and People with a Disability
Level 2 Item Policy and Projects
Level 3 Item Journey to Work Report
Level 3 Item Review of Wheelchair Accessible Taxi (WAT) Fares and Subsidies
Level 3 Item Tasmanian Walking and Cycling for Active Transport Strategy
Level 3 Item Positive Provision Policy for Cycling Infrastructure (PPP)
Level 3 Item Cycling Roundtable Forum Report
Level 3 Item Behaviour Management
Level 3 Item Passenger Transport Legislation Implementation
Level 4 Item Passenger Transport Act Review (PTA Review)
Level 4 Item Safe Community Transport
Level 3 Item Tasmanian Urban Passenger Transport Framework
Level 4 Item Transit Corridors
Level 4 Item Hobart Passenger Transport Case Study
Level 4 Item Greater Launceston Metropolitan Passenger Transport Plan
Level 3 Item Hobart Central Bus Interchange Planning Study
Level 3 Item Review of Taxi Industry Legislation
Level 3 Item Review of Taxi Licence Release Arrangements (and associated issues)
Level 3 Item PricewaterhouseCoopers Reports on Hobart Light Rail Proposal
Level 3 Item Light Rail Business Case - Hobart to Glenorchy
Level 3 Item Review of the Core Passenger Services
Level 2 Item rail
Level 1 Item Road Safety
Level 2 Item Safer People
Level 3 Item Child Restraints - A Guide to Car Seats
Level 3 Item Community Road Safety Partnerships
Level 4 Item CRSP Awards 2013
Level 3 Item Learner Driver Mentor Program Funding
Level 3 Item Mandatory Alcohol Interlock Program
Level 4 Item Tasmania's Mandatory Alcohol Interlock Program Frequently Asked Questions
Level 3 Item
Level 4 Item Photographs
Level 4 Item Presentations
Level 3 Item Road Risk Reduction
Level 3 Item Roadside Crash Markers
Level 3 Item Skating and Cycling Rules
Level 4 Item Skates Code of Conduct
Level 2 Item Safer Vehicles
Level 3 Item Roadworthiness
Level 3 Item Government Vehicle Fleet - Minimum Safety Standards
Level 3 Item Crashworthiness - Buying a Safer Car
Level 2 Item Safer Roads
Level 3 Item 2 Plus 1 Road Design
Level 3 Item Collapsible Chevron Alignment Markers (CAMs)
Level 3 Item Flexible Safety Barriers
Level 3 Item Innovation - Making Our Roads Safer
Level 3 Item Safer Roads Vulnerable Road User Program
Level 2 Item Safer Speeds
Level 3 Item 50 km/h general urban speed limits
Level 3 Item Kingborough Safer Speeds (KiSS)
Level 3 Item Safer Speed Research Projects
Level 3 Item Safer Travel Speeds In Shared Urban Spaces Funding Program
Level 3 Item Variable Speed Limit System - Tasman Highway
Level 2 Item Tasmanian Road Safety Strategy 2007-2016
Level 3 Item Road Safety Levy
Level 2 Item Tasmanian Crash Statistics
Level 1 Item Roads and Traffic
Level 1 Item Infrastructure
Level 2 Item Tasmanian Infrastructure Strategy
Level 3 Item Infrastructure Australia Submissions
Level 4 Item Submissions to Infrastructure Australia 2013
Level 4 Item Submission to Infrastructure Australia 2012
Level 4 Item Submission to Infrastructure Australia 2011
Level 4 Item Submission to Infrastructure Australia 2010
Level 3 Item Nation Building 2 Submission 2012
Level 3 Item Western Tasmania Industry Infrastructure Study
Level 2 Item Transport Infrastructure
Level 3 Item Northern Integrated Transport Plan
Level 3 Item Southern Integrated Transport Plan
Level 3 Item Brooker Highway Transport Plan
Level 3 Item Cradle Coast Integrated Transport Strategy
Level 3 Item Richmond Bridge Conservation Management Plan
Level 3 Item Huon Highway Corridor Road Strategy
Level 3 Item Channel Highway Margate-Oyster Cove Reference Group
Level 3 Item Review of Gazetted High Productivity Vehicle Route Network
Level 3 Item Launceston Traffic Review
Level 3 Item Greater Hobart Household Travel Survey
Level 3 Item Greater Hobart Travel Speed Survey
Level 2 Item Road Projects
Level 2 Item Freight
Level 3 Item International Container Shipping Solution for Tasmania
Level 3 Item Freight Expert Advisory Panel
Level 4 Item Freight and Supply Chain Assessments
Level 4 Item Freight Aggregation and Collaboration Opportunities
Level 3 Item Final Report of the Freight Logistics Coordination Team
Level 3 Item Tasmanian Freight Survey
Level 3 Item Tasmanian Rail Network - Objectives and Priorities for Action
Level 3 Item Tasmanian Shipping Transition Assistance Fund
Level 3 Item Furneaux Islands Shipping
Level 1 Item Energy and Resources
Level 1 Item Roadworks, Closures and Delays
Level 2 Item Images
Level 3 Item TasALERT_Logo.jpg
Level 3 Item Tas_Police_Logo.jpg
Level 3 Item Tasmanian_Fire_Service_Logo.jpg
Level 2 Item Type Formats
Level 2 Item Position Formats
Level 2 Item Group Formats
Level 2 Item Road Closures and Delays
Level 3 Item Further Road Closures
Level 3 Item Middle Tea Tree Road Detour Via Richmond Link Road
Level 4 Item Detour_Map_Middle_Tea_Tree_Road_Detour.jpg
Level 4 Item Map_of_Middle_Tea_Tree_Detour_commencing_23_June_2014.jpg
Level 3 Item Mathinna Plains Road - Bridge Replacement
Level 3 Item Road Rehabilitation And Reseal Program Underway
Level 4 Item State_Reseals_Web.xlsx
Level 4 Item Reseals_2013-14.pdf
Level 3 Item Lyell Highway - West of Squires Creek - Mt Arrowsmith - Caution Landslip
Level 3 Item Denison Rivulet Bridge North of Bicheno
Level 3 Item Railton Main Road From Railton To Latrobe
Level 1 Item Right to Information
Level 2 Item What is Right to Information
Level 2 Item How do I access information
Level 3 Item Contact List for access to information
Level 3 Item RTI Publication Scheme
Level 2 Item How do I make an RTI application
Level 1 Item About Us
Level 2 Item Who We Are
Level 2 Item Divisions
Level 2 Item Government Business Enterprises & State-owned Companies
Level 2 Item Public Interest Disclousure
Level 2 Item DIER Disability Action Plan
Level 2 Item Customer Service Commitment
Level 2 Item Agreements
Level 3 Item Abt Railway
Level 4 Item Abt Railway - News Archive
Level 2 Item Annual Reports
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Level 1 Item GA Tracking
Level 1 Item DIER Sitemap
Level 1 Item Freight Expert Advisory Panel
Level 1 Item Tasmanian Infrastructure Strategy
Level 1 Item Infrastructure Projects
Level 1 Item Tarkine Drive
Level 1 Item Abt Railway