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Licensing and Accreditation

Licensed trades

The trades of Electrical, Plumbing, Gas-fitting and Automotive Gas-fitting require a licence in Tasmania.

For each of these trades there are practitioners (those doing the work) and contractors (those selling you the service) - you need to find a contractor who provides you with a practitioner or in a small business the contractor and practitoner may be the same person.

Building practitioners

Building Practitioners are required to be accredited in Tasmania, this means that in addition to a check of their qualifications and experience when they apply for a license they must also undertake Continuing Professional Development each year.  There is also a yearly check to ensure that the practitioner is insured. Accredited building practioners include builders, designers and building surveyors.

Making sure you are dealing with a licensed trade or building practitioner

Before having any electical, plumbing, gas-fitting or building work done search for a licensed practitioner using our website.

It is possible in some circumstances to be an owner builder, however you must undertake a short training program and become registered.

More information about licenses

More information about accreditation

Accreditation is required for building practitioners in the following categories:

Continuing Professional Development

All licensed trades are encouraged to continue to develop their skills through ongoing professional development, however, a Building Practitioner must undertake Continuing Professional Development each year in order to renew their accreditation.


After finishing your apprenticeship as an electrician, plumber, gas-fitter or automotive gas-fitter you have 30 days to apply for a licence.

Interstate and New Zealand applications

Interstate and New Zealand application process for applicants moving to Tasmania and wishing to work in Tasmania as electricians, plumbers, gas-fitters, automotive gas fitters or Building Practitioners.

You can compare your interstate licence to its Tasmanian equivalent through the National Mutual Recognition Database.  

Persons from other countries

Persons from other countries application process for applicants from countries other than Australia or New Zealand.

Change of address

If you've recently relocated and you're a licence-holder, please update your details.