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safety, safety alert

Information about Mobile Crane Hook Failure, Unsafe low voltage electrical cable, Transport drivers not to use cheater bars, Unsafe portable generator, Safe Transportation of Gas Cylinders , and more.

Important safety alerts from WorkSafe and around Australia

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Asbestos removal

safety, asbestos

Information about notification of the removal of asbestos in Tasmania

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Australian WHS Strategy 2012-2022

safety, about

The Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy provides a framework for improvement

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Building Safety

building, safety, building safety,

Information about Regulation of Building and Plumbing, National Construction Code, Building Regulation Advisory Committee, Building Appeals, Building Maintenance, and more.

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Bushfire recovery

safety, bushfires

A comprehensive list of hazards that are likely to be encountered during recovery from a bushfire - and how to deal with them

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Electrical Safety

safety, electrical,electrical safety,inspection

Information about Electrical Technical Information, An electrical safety overview, Private overhead line & pole inspection, Electrical Equipment Safety System, Standards of electrical work, and more.

Electrical safety within Tasmania is managed through the application of licencing, standards of work and an inspection regime.

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Explosives Safety

safety, explosives, explosives safety, dangerous substances

Information about Safety Management Systems -Type 3 Fireworks Displays, Safe handling of detonators, Explosives Import and Export Controls, and more.

Information relating to Explosives Safety - Import and Export Controls, Safe handling of detonators, Fireworks Display, Disposal of Explosives and Flares

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Gas standards and safety

safety, gas, gas safety,

Information about LPG at Public Events, Carbon Monoxide Detection, Buying gas appliances online, Gas product safety recalls, Gas Installations, and more.

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Hazardous Chemical Safety

hazardous chemicals, chemicals,

Information about Bushfires Q&A Portable Fuel Containers, and more.

Brief outline of obligations for specified substances under the WHS Act including hazardous chemicals

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Health and safety representatives

Health and safety representatives

Information about Health and safety representative training, Provisional improvement notices (PIN), Notification of Elected HSR's, Electing health and safety representatives, Can a manager be a HSR?, and more.

Health and safety representatives

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Plumbing safety

guidance, plumbing,plumbing safety,

Information about On-site waste water management, The Regulation of Plumbing Work, Plumbing Technical Advice, and more.

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Prevention of Falls in Housing Construction


Workers, contractors and business owners in the housing construction industry frequently seek clarification about the requirements of the new laws in relation to preventing falls from heights.

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Security fencing on construction sites

housing site fencing, construction

Site security and public access onto housing construction sites

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WHS entry permit holders

safety, entry permit holders

Information about WHS entry permit holders requirements , and more.

WHS entry permit holders

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Workplace bullying

workplace bullying, law

Information about Bullying Complaints, What is Workplace bullying, Investigating bullying, and more.

Are you or is someone you know being bullied at work?

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Workplace incident notifications

accidents and incidents, injuries

Information about How to give notice of an incident, Preservation of incident sites, Keeping records of notifiable incidents, and more.

Information and advice about what to do when accidents or incidents occur at work

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