Regional Groups

What are Regional Groups?
Regional Groups are informal groups located all around Tasmania. The groups take many forms. Some are mainly social groups that provide an outlet for comradeship – for sharing experiences and friendship. Others provide a combination of social outings plus learning opportunities.

Regional Groups provide members with a voice to share issues in the community. Many programs have been developed to build confidence and skills for members. Issues raised initially at a local discussion group have gone on to be developed at a State level – eg defensive driving classes, computer courses, media training, succession planning workshops and ‘Global Games’ (a program for understanding how international dealings affect local businesses).

Local coordinators organise social outings, guest speakers and tutors for leadership courses and driving skills and to present technical and travel opportunities. Many members now have a broader knowledge of their product when it leaves their farm and goes on to the consumer. They also have a greater understanding of natural resource management issues. In fact, any activity that a discussion group holds builds the capacity of women in agriculture!

How to Become Part of a Regional Group

If you would like to make contact with a Regional Group in your area, or would like to establish a group, please contact TWiA. Current Regional Groups are located in the following areas: Break O Day, Quamby, Meander Valley, Rubicon, Central Coast, Circular Head and Dorset.

How to start a new Regional Group

There is no minimum membership requirement for establishing a Regional Group.
TWiA provides benefits to existing or new groups of rural women in the form of an overarching executive that
- coordinates and makes available funding for group activities,
- provides coordination of membership and
- promotes groups and their activities through our website, facebook and newsletter, and
- provides insurance for advertised group activities.

For further information contact an executive member.

CALL OUT FOR SOUTHERN TASMANIAN GROUPS TO BE ESTABLISHED. If you are interested in getting together with a group of like minded women to talk about rural issues but would like to be supported by a great organisational structure please contact an executive of TWiA for support and assistance.

Competition winners at the 2012 Schools AGFEST competition held by TWiA.

Competition winners at the 2012 Schools AGFEST competition held by TWiA.

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