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FarmPoint – Tasmanian Agricultural Information is the website of choice for Tasmanian farmers. Simple and convenient access to information on all aspects of agriculture for Tasmanian farmers and the community.

Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment
DPIPWE, The Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE) is responsible for the sustainable management and protection of Tasmania’s natural and cultural assets for the benefit of Tasmanian communities and the economy. The Department’s activities guide and support the use and management of Tasmania’s land and water resources and protect and promote its natural, built and cultural assets. The Department is also responsible for delivering the services that support primary industry development and for the protection of the State’s relative disease and pest-free status. Find resources and forms for all your government interactions.

Farmers Markets

To discover the best seasonal food, visit your nearest farmers market. Sample a fantastic variety of Tasmanian produce, meet the people who grow it and enjoy the friendly atmosphere.

Tasmanian Farmers Markets is a link which provides details on farmers markets around the state, where and when they are held etc.

Kids Farm Safety

Are you looking for a successful community event to organise?  Coordinating a Kids Farm Safety Day can be a great way to bring the farming community together.

Did you know that around 20 children under 15 years are fatally injured on an Australian farm every year and many more are hospitalised or treated by general practitioners across rural Australia (Source:  Farmsafe Australia visit

Kids Farm Safety Day Guidelines
Example of Program for Kids Farm Safety Day

Women working in rural and regional industries in Tasmania

The Department of Primary Industries and Water has recently established a database that provides information for individuals, industry and business to network with rural women around Tasmania, share knowledge, skills and practices and to keep up with developments and trends in their business operations.

If you would like to find out about the achievements of rural women in Tasmania or contribute to the growing database, then click here.

Climate Change
Are you concerned about the environment and the effects of climate change, but think it is such a big issue that you can’t do anything about it? Think again

There are many resources available on climate change related issues and you can link to these via this link for farm aspects or this site for making changes in your personal life to live more sustainably. 

This site is one of many provides a carbon footprint indicator.  We like it because you can adapt it to an Australian lifestyle and It is pretty simple.  You can then elect to offset the emissions or read about alternatives.

Farmers have asked for seasonal forecasting products and the Bureau of Meteorology have been working with the national Managing Climate Variability (MCV) program to make seasonal forecasts more reliable, more useful and more accessible to farmers.    Two new educational products have been launched  The Managing Climate website can provide farmers with practical tools to incorporate climate information into farm business decisions.

“If we act with principle and vision, our actions may be amplified beyond our dreams.  If we act in accordance with our deepest intuitions, we do not act in vain”

 Professor Dexter Dunphy

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