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MyFarm - computer software for farm mapping and record keeping

Map and keep farm records with MyFarm

What is MyFarm?

MyFarm is a mapping application aimed at assisting Tasmanian farmers with farm planning and management. 

It has been developed by the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE), to provide a low-cost farm mapping application that will make it easier for Tasmanian farmers to manage their enterprises.

The current cost is $242 (incl GST).

What does MyFarm offer?

  1. Displays property related data as the base map, including property boundaries, rivers, contours, roads, aerial photography, etc.
  2. Mapping functions, including measuring distance/area, adding paddocks, gates, dams, fences, and printing a property map.
  3. Recording farm management information, including paddock history, fence details, etc.

What does MyFarm look like?

Some example screens from MyFarm software.

How can I get MyFarm? 

Order MyFarm here 

To order MyFarm you will need the Tasmanian property identifier (PID) for your farm. 

A Property Identifier (PID) is the key reference identifying ALL properties in Tasmania. It is maintained by the Office of the Valuer General and stored within the State Government valuation database.  The PID is the reference that is supplied on your government notice of revaluation and many local councils also use this PID reference on rates notices.  When you enter your official property address through the MyFarm ordering link, your current PID will be advised.

If multiple addresses are advised, or if you are unsure which is the correct property, select the record that you think is yours and use the link to LISTmap to confirm the property by the on-line map provided. If confirmed, continue with your purchase.

(NOTE: The PID is not the same as the Property Identification Code (PIC) that is used for the movement and sale of livestock.  A PIC is a unique eight character code allocated by DPIPWE to a property or a number of properties operating as a single livestock enterprise.)

Need more information?

For more information on the MyFarm software, phone Rebecca Williams at DPIPWE on (03) 6233 6812 (or 1300 368 550), or email -  

Training to use the MyFarm software 

Contact Esk Mapping and GIS on 0439 357 468, or email -


MyFarm help fields

Help fields for MyFarm mapping software

MyFarm tools

MyFarm tools

Computer system requirements for MyFarm software.

System requirements to successfully run the MyFam software on your PC.

MyFarm - screen examples

Examples of screen shots of MyFarm
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MyFarm Ordering Website

Website interface to order MyFarm computer software.