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Registration Forms

This site will provide you with a list of forms. You will need to complete some of these forms when you intend to register your vehicle, replace your plates and labels, apply for a concession or exemption, transfer your registration and when nominating your garage address.

Registering a vehicle

Form provided at the time of inspection or if not being inspected provided at Service Tasmania or available online - Application for Registration, (PDF, 253 KB) (Word)

Additional forms required for registering heavy vehicles

Other forms that may be required

Types of registration available

Buying, cancelling & selling

Transfer (buying a vehicle) (PDF)  (Word)
Disposing (selling a vehicle) (Word)
Notice of Change on Beneficial Ownership, (PDF, 34KB) (Word)

Exemptions & rebates (concessions & discounts available)

Application for Pension/Healthcare (PDF 70KB) - (Word 67KB)
Application for Rebate of 40% Motor Tax (Word)

For people in receipt of a Pension or Benefit.  Must be the Registered Operator of a Commercial Goods Vehicle (4.5t GVM or less), which is not permitted to be used for the purpose of any trade or business.

Application for 40% rebate of Motor Tax, (PDF, 28.2KB) (Word)

Application for 40% Rebate of Motor Tax to the Registered Operator of a Commercial Goods Vehicle Who is Engaged in Agriculture

Application for Interchangeable Trailer Concession, (PDF, 96.1KB)
Application for 3 Axle Bus Concession, (PDF, 19KB) (Word)
Statutory Declaration (Word)

Renewing registration

Application for Renewal of Registration and Certificate of premium paid (Word) 
Application for Direct Debit  

Plates-new, replacements and duplicates

Application for Duplicate Plates and Bicycle Rack Number Plate, (PDF, 33.9KB) (Word)
Application for Replacement of, (PDF, 27KB) (Word)

  • Certification of Registration and Certificate of Premium Paid and/or
  • Registration Label and/or
  • Number Plates

Application for General Identification Mark (Trade Plates) (Word)

For personalised plates visit tasplates logo

Written off & unregistered vehicles

Application for a Short Term Unregistered Vehicle Permit, (PDF, 90.2KB) (Word)

National Written Off Vehicle Notification:

Registered Operator Notification Wrecked Vehicle, (PDF, 75KB) (Word)

Changing information about you or your car

Change of Address
Nomination of Garage Address, (PDF, 26.3KB) (Word)
Designated Operator Form, (PDF, 30.3KB) (Word)
Taking a vehicle out of your name, (PDF, 00KB) (Word)
Application for Temporary Upgrade Permit, (PDF, 94KB) (Word)
Application to Cancel Direct Debit

To check details of Tasmanian vehicle registration

Registration Status
Right to Information
Application for Release of Information (PDF 261KB) - (WORD 87KB)

New vehicle, Dealer Information,

Other Forms & fees       Licence Forms, Vehicle Standards, Operator Forms, Transport Access Scheme, Fees