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Labor-Green agenda to close schools

Labor and the Greens are hoping Tasmanians will forget that they only ever put their school closures agenda on hold until after the 2014 state election.

The fact is nearly two years ago the Labor-Green government confirmed that they had accepted “in full” a recommendation that every Tasmanian school must have a set minimum number of students in order to stay open.*

The fact is criteria accepted by every Labor and Green member of cabinet means that as of June this year every Tasmanian school will have to undertake an annual audit where their enrolment numbers will again be put under scrutiny.

The fact is that there are over 40 schools in Tasmania, that based on 2013 school census data do not currently meet the minimum number that Labor and the Greens have accepted as being ‘viable’.

Tasmanians won’t be fooled by Labor, on the eve of the election, trying to distance themselves from their own position on forced school closures.  

Only the Liberals have a genuine and consistent position of no forced school closures.

*Minister for Education and Skills media release 3/4/12