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Job creation at the centre of the Liberals plan for Tasmania

The Liberals’ long-term plan is unashamedly all about job creation. We have set a goal of reducing unemployment in Tasmania to the national average within our first term, we have the Job Creation Package to back that up and the team to deliver it.

Today I have announced that a majority Liberal Government will invest $12 million in important regional infrastructure to grow jobs in our regional and rural communities.  

Labor and the Greens destroyed these communities when they signed the disastrous forestry deal.  It’s time Tasmania had a majority Liberal Government committed to growing jobs in our regional and rural communities rather than cutting these communities off at the knees like Labor and the Greens.

Under Labor and the Greens, Tasmania has the highest unemployment rate in the country, and 19,000 Tasmanians are languishing on unemployment queues.

Our Job Creation Package will help the private sector create an estimated 5000 new jobs, stimulating our economy and putting Tasmania back on track to achieve our potential.

Our Package has four parts:

  1. Regional Revival Fund –invest $12 million in important regional infrastructure to partner with the private sector to create jobs. This fund will rebuild regional communities across the state, that have been decimated as a result of Labor and the Greens job destroying forest deal.
  2. Payroll Tax Rebate for medium and big business - To encourage medium and large businesses to expand and employ more people, the existing Payroll Tax Rebate for new jobs will be extended for an additional year, creating an estimated 600 new jobs.
  3. Small Business Jobs Bonus – for the 36,000 Tasmanian small businesses, we will provide a Bonus of up to $1,000 for new positions created by Tasmanian small businesses between 1 July 2014 and 30 June 2015, creating 2,000 new jobs; and
  4. Headworks Holiday to encourage new developments – we will immediately implement a two-year water and sewerage headworks holiday for new developments, including subdivisions, for a period of two years. This will create up to 500 new jobs;

Only the Liberals have a plan to grow the economy and create jobs. It is fully funded, fully costed, and will deliver the jobs Tasmania desperately needs.

The Job Creation Package will be funded through the almost $500 million in savings we have already identified.

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