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Robert Mallett

Candidate for Denison

Robert Mallett has been a passionate campaigner for business, and in particular the small business sector, for many years.

Brought up in a small business environment in both agriculture and retail, and later moving into his own retail business, Robert has seen and experienced the frustration and stress of the bureaucracy getting in the way of productivity.

Over the last decade, Robert's small business, The Front Man,  has been managing a number of industry associations as their CEO providing a range of services including membership, general advice and advocacy services.

The major industry sector, for which he is best known, has been the Tasmanian Small Business Council where he has developed and promoted small business friendly policies to governments (state and federal), senior public servants and the media. Many of the TSBC priorities are reflected in Liberal policies.

Robert's catalyst to stand occurred when he was reading a quote by Sir Robert Menzies, 'The prime duty of Government is to encourage enterprise and to provide a climate favourable to its growth'.  The Tasmanian Labor/Green approach has destroyed opportunities for far too many business ventures and this must change.

Robert is convinced that Tasmania's economic circumstances will not change until there are a greater proportion of people with jobs and a greater proportion of people in the private sector.  Only then will we have the resources to provide adequately for the social services our community expect.