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Our Beliefs

We believe in Australia, its people and its future.

We believe in the innate worth of the individual and the need to encourage initiative and personal responsibility.

We believe that the freedoms of the individual must be protected and that all people should have the opportunity to advance to their full potential.

We believe in the basic freedoms of thought, of worship of speech, of association, of choice, and the right to be independent and to achieve.

We believe that Parliamentary democracy is the best system to allow the expression of the hopes and aspirations of free people.

We believe in the federal system of government and in the decentralisation and distribution of power. Local decisions should be made at the local level.

We believe in constitutional monarchy as a symbol of unity and continuity and as a guarantee of our freedom.

We believe in a just and humane society and the value of voluntary effort in community achievements.

We believe in the importance of the family and that the standards of a free society should support family ideals.

We believe in the rule of law and justice. As citizens we all have rights under the law, responsibilities to maintain the law and the freedom to change it.

We believe in equal opportunities and social justice for all Australians in a tolerant national community.

We believe that the creation of wealth is essential for meeting our national aspirations. We further believe that competitive enterprise, the free choice of consumers in the marketplace and individual effort will maximise economic growth and national prosperity.

We believe that government must be sufficiently responsive so that it can meet its proper obligations to its citizens. We further believe government should not compete with an efficient private sector, thereby eliminating any unnecessary burden on the taxpayer.

We believe that Liberalism with its emphasis on the individual and enterprise is the political philosophy best suited to meet and deal with new, changing and challenging social and economic conditions.

We believe that Australia has a constructive role to play in maintaining international peace in alliance with other free nations and in assisting less advantaged peoples.

If you share these beliefs, this is the Party for you.

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