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Restricted driver licence


A restricted driver licence enables a customer to continue to drive with certain conditions attached to their licence when they would not otherwise be entitled to drive.
The issue of a restricted driver licence is approved by a magistrate of the Court of Petty Sessions or judge of the Supreme Court.  Application forms are available from the court.
Customers may either prepare and lodge the application themselves or through legal representation.
The application explains the procedures they must take.

Issued to

Restricted driver licences can be issued to:

  • a driver convicted of an offence in an Australian State or Territory and who is disqualified from driving
  •  provisional licence holders provided their licence was not cancelled due to an alcohol related offence
  • Australian licence holders provided they are not eligible for a period of good behaviour.

Restricted driver licences cannot be issued to:

Demerit points

Drivers need to be aware of the conditions relating to Demerit points.

Customer provides - For the application

The customer needs to undertake the following in person or through legal representation:

  • provide a completed application to the Court of Petty Sessions
  • ensure notice of the application is lodged with the Registrar of Motor Vehicles at the Registration and Licensing Branch and police prosecutions at least seven (7) days prior to the date of the court hearing.

Following approval of application by the court

The customer needs to provide the following in person at Service Tasmania shops or designated police stations:

  • the court order
  • the current Tasmanian photo licence (can be expired up to 2 years) or Full Evidence of Identity (if licence already returned)
  • their existing photo licence (if not already returned)
  • proof of return of their licence (if already done and may not be on the Motor Registry System).

Customer receives

The customer will receive:

At the time of the court hearing

  • the court order if successful

The court order will detail the conditions under which the customer can drive (eg hours the person can drive, the vehicle they can drive and any other necessary conditions)

Following issuing of licence by the Registrar

  • receipted temporary driver licence


The customer needs to pay: