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Period of Good Behaviour


Instead of having their licence suspended, a customer can apply for a period of good behaviour if:

  • the customer has a driver licence which is not a provisional or learner licence, and
  • is subject to a period of suspension for demerit points.

12 month period on existing licence

The period of good behaviour is valid for 12 months from the day it is granted and entered on the Motor Registry System. During this period the customer:

  • continues to drive on their existing licence subject to the period of good behaviour conditions
  • may renew their licence if it expires.

Option at time of suspension

The Registrar advises eligible customers in a notice that their licence is to be suspended and:

  • they can choose to have a period of good behaviour instead
  • what they need to do to obtain a period of good behaviour.

The suspension notice includes an election form that the customer can use to apply for a period of good behaviour.

21 days to apply

The customer applies for a period of good behaviour as soon as possible after receiving the suspension notice. Customers will be advised within 10 days whether their application is successful or not.
If no application is received within 21 days of the suspension notice being served, the customer:

  • is assumed to be opting for suspension
  • receives a notice of suspension.

After 21 days

A period of good behaviour may be issued after the 21-day period. Any such application must be referred to Driver Licensing Policy for approval.


Various conditions apply in relation to periods of good behaviour.

Customer provides

The customer needs to undertake the following through the Registrar of Motor Vehicles at the Registration and Licensing Branch:

  • complete a written application.

Customer receives

The customer will receive:

  • either notification of acceptance or rejection of application.