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Wheelchair licence


Wheelchairs requiring registration are registered as a light vehicle or motorcycle, with conditions depending on how they are constructed.
Drivers of registered wheelchairs require either a car or motor cycle licence to drive a wheelchair on public streets (including footpaths).

Licence required if wheelchair exceeds 10 km/h

A licence is required if the wheelchair: A licence is required if the wheelchair:

  • can exceed a speed of 10 km/h.

Information on registering wheelchairs can be found at Wheelchairs.

Class of licence

Special wheelchair licences are no longer required.
The class of licence will be either C or R depending on whether the wheelchair is registered as a car or a motor cycle. Registration depends on the configuration and handling characteristics of the vehicle.

Existing car or motor cycle licence

If a customer already holds a Class C or Class R driver licence they do not need a separate licence for the wheelchair. If the customer does not have a current licence, the new licence will have a condition indicating that the customer is restricted to operating a wheelchair only.

Customer provides

The customer needs to arrange through  Service Tasmania shops or designated police stations:

  • a medical report from a general practitioner stating that the customer is medically fit to drive
  • provide a supporting letter from a parent/guardian, carer or occupational therapist that certifies the customer can drive the wheelchair safely
  • complete an application form
  • provide their current Tasmanian licence (can be expired up to 2 years) or Full Evidence of Identity

Customer receives

The customer will receive:

  • a licence if applicable
  • a receipt for fees paid if applicable.


The customer needs to pay:

  • licence fee if applicable.