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Tasmania's forest products some are natural and unique. The Tasmanian Timber Promotion Board established and maintains the Tasmanian Timber Internet site to:
• Support those who use Tasmania's strong and beautiful timbers.
• Showcase the companies and groups that produce and sell it.
tasmanian timber promotion board
The Tasmanian Timber Promotion Board is a body corporate that was established by an Act of the Tasmanian Government in 1970. The aim of the Board, as set out in the Act, is to promote the use of wood, in Tasmania and elsewhere. It is charged particularly with promoting timber produced in Tasmania. To discharge this aim, the Board:
a) researches into the use of wood and its derivatives: sawn timber and timber products;
b) markets timber and timber products; and
c) disseminates information on using timber and timber products.
The Board is funded by a Government imposed levy, collected from the sale of all crown saw logs.
Copyright for the material on this site remains with the Tasmanian Timber Promotion Board.
Every effort has been made to trace the copyright owners of additional source material. Where the attempts have been unsuccessful or accreditation is incorrect, the site authors will rectify any omission on notification.
species information
The colour and figure ranges shown for each species are indicative only.
Variation outside these ranges results from the natural character of the timber, the source and supplier of the finished product and the colour rendering of individual computer screen.
veneer packs
Veneer packs are distributed at the discretion of the Tasmanian Timber Promotion Board.
Generally, packs will only be distributed to potential customers in countries where Tasmanian Timber is commonly sold.
designer packs and veneer re-orders
Designers and specifiers may be eligible to receive our designer packs. With larger samples, detailed information, and the ability to re-order your replacement veneers on-line, designer packs are available from individual suppliers, or you can apply online.
joining the site
Membership of this site is at the discretion of the Tasmanian Timber Promotion Board. It is normally open to Board contributors and organisations that sell Tasmanian timber or products predominantly made from Tasmanian timber. For more information on joining the site, please email
inclusion of links
If you would like to add a link to this site, please email Generally, links will only be provided on a reciprocal basis to Board contributors or organisations that sell or use Tasmanian timber or Tasmanian timber products.
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