Through the kind support of Hobart Pathology some athletes will attend a blood screening (full blood count and ferritin levels) during the term of their scholarship with the Tasmanian Institute of Sport.  Routine screening will be followed up with particular athletes at the request of the Sports Medicine Coordinator.

When blood screening is requested by the TIS, athletes will be provided with a blue referral form which they must take to the Pathology location in their region.

If the TIS request it, you will NOT be billed for this service.  If the blood screening is requested by your doctor you WILL be billed for the service and be held personally responsible for payment.


2-4 Kirksway Place, Hobart
13 Bayfield Street, Rosny
113-115 Main Road, Moonah
359 Main Road, Glenorchy
1A Franklin Street, Lindisfarne
4 Station Street, Kingston
7 John Street, Kingston
70 Collins Street, Hobart

159 St John Street, Launceston
270 Invermay Road, Mowbray
21 Brisbane Street, Launceston
224 Westbury Road, Prospect

North West
NW Medical Centre, Brickport Road, Burnie
10 Cattley Street, Burnie
Mersey Community Hospital, Torquay Road, Latrobe
83 Best Street, Devonport


Individual scholarship holders should be aware, scholarship funding is not paid directly to the athlete; it is administered on behalf of the athlete by the TIS.  The Institute will pay invoices for pre-arranged purchases/services provided to the athlete.  Suppliers will invoice the TIS and will not charge scholarship holders directly.

Please note that all purchases/services must be approved by the relevant Sport Program Coordinator prior to being booked to the TIS.  Invoices/claims for items purchased without prior approval will not be reimbursed.

All final approval for expenditure by individual athletes will be given by the Sport Program Coordinator.

For further information please contact a Sport Program Coordinator.  (Refer to the TIS Contacts page.)


Through a sponsorship with the Denture Centre, Tasmanian Institute of Sport athletes in selected sports are entitled to one free, personally fitted Oral Armour mouthguard per year.

Athletes requiring a mouthguard are required to make an appointment with their nearest Denture Centre and advise they are a TIS scholarship holder. All centres will be provided with an official list of eligible TIS athletes to verify this information.

Eligible sports include, but are not limited to: basketball, boxing, football, hockey and judo.

For further information please contact a Sport Program Coordinator. (Refer to the TIS Contacts page.)


Tasmanian Institute of Sport scholarship holders will be issued with a TIS uniform consisting of a polo shirt, a tracksuit jacket and tracksuit pants.

The TIS polo shirt and tracksuit jacket must be worn at all Institute functions, media shoots and sporting events unless a club, state or national uniform is required to be worn. Athletes are responsible for maintaining their TIS uniform in good condition.

Please contact the Project Support Officer (North) should you have any questions or require further information about the uniform. (Refer to the TIS Contacts page.)


If any scholarship holder changes his/her contact details (including address, phone numbers, email address etc) throughout the year, this information must be forwarded to the Institute immediately. It is necessary for the Institute to have current contact details for athletes at all times.

Send your new details to the TIS email: