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Go Behind the Scenery Phase 3

Autumn Tourism Campaign 2014

Phase 3 of Tourism Tasmania's innovative Go Behind the Scenery brand campaign, which runs in Sydney and Melbourne from 2 February until 5 April 2014, has been designed to encourage more Australians to book a visit to Tasmania over the autumn, and inspire consideration to travel to Tasmania over the winter months.

In keeping with Tourism Tasmania's new approach to marketing the state over the next five years, the new campaign focusses more heavily on highlighting deals, offers and packages to stimulate immediate travel before winter.

Despite the heavier booking/sales emphasis, the 2014 autumn campaign continues to build on the success of the previous two Go Behind the Scenery brand campaigns, which encourage Australians to visit the state and 'go behind the scenery' to discover the real Tasmania.

It aims to grab people's attention, show people how easy it is to plan and book a Tasmanian holiday during autumn, encourage them to book it now, and give them the confidence to do so. The campaign will once again weave together what the state is known for with emphasis on showcasing Tasmania's behind the scenes experiences and the nooks and crannies, while communicating a broader message that a holiday in Tasmania is more than one would expect.

This phase of the Go Behind the Scenery campaign has been developed using the findings and insights gleaned from formal tracking research conducted during the previous campaigns. Some key findings and insights from tracking research conducted during the previous campaign are contained at the back of this fact sheet.

In summary, the research revealed that the Go Behind the Scenery campaign message and media strategy was successful at increasing people's awareness of Tasmania as a holiday travel destination, increasing their intention to visit Tasmania within the year, and inspiring more people to make a booking.

The tracking research also evaluated the key messages that people obtained from the advertising as well as the performance of selected media, and identified opportunities to refine media selection, messaging and content.

Target audience

The target audiences for this campaign have not changed from the previous Phase 2. Tourism Tasmania has identified the people who were the most likely to visit the state, and what they all had in common was an interest in exploring and learning more about themselves and the world in which they live. We call these people 'Life Long Learners'.

By nature, they have the propensity to keep learning and have a positive outlook on life. They primarily live on the Eastern Seaboard of Australia and when they go on holidays they prefer less crowded, more interesting places. Their reasons for taking a holiday are to discover and understand new people and places (go exploring) or to escape and spend time together and create new memories. This group also fell into two age brackets: aged 40+ couples seeking a touring experience and aged 25-39 couples wanting a short break.

Timing and investment

Advertising for Phase 3 of the Go Behind the Scenery campaign runs from 2 February to 5 April 2014.

In keeping with its new approach to marketing the state, Tourism Tasmania has invested more heavily in partnership marketing activities with our airline and travel partners during the autumn season to generate bookings and sales ahead of the winter period – partners like AOT/Sunlover, TasVacations, Virgin Australia, Flight Centre, Jetstar, Tigerair, Sharp, QantasLink, Spirit of Tasmania and Qantas.

As a result, Tourism Tasmania is investing around $1.4 million in cooperative marketing activities throughout Australia this autumn with its airline and travel partners, are themselves investing a further $1.5 million in these marketing activities, to promote Tasmania and generate sales.

In addition to this, Tourism Tasmania is investing an extra $1.7 million in media advertising in Melbourne and Sydney for the two-month promotion. In return for its media investment, Tourism Tasmania has negotiated additional bonus TV, print, outdoor and digital advertising, bringing the total value of media advertising for this campaign to around $3.7 million.

When combined, this takes the total value of domestic media advertising and cooperative marketing activities for Phase 3 of the Go Behind the Scenery campaign this autumn to around $6.6 million.

These figures do not include Tourism Tasmania's investment in additional public relations, trade marketing, visiting journalist program, international and sector marketing activities being conducted throughout this period, which all support the Go Behind the Scenery campaign.

Campaign themes

The campaign for autumn 2014 will again carry the brand message and creative expression of the previous campaigns, although there are some changes to design, content and images, including the use of quirkier headlines.

The Go Behind the Scenery autumn campaign will again focus on key experiences such as food and drink, walking and adventure, heritage, art and culture. However, for autumn 2014 these themes are woven into self-drive itineraries which are all bookable through the campaign's retail travel partner - The Flight Centre Group. In addition to bookable itineraries, a lot of work has been done to create other inspiring content (such as videos and editorial content) that will also inspire and motivate consumers to plan and book a holiday to Tasmania.

Campaign elements

With research showing that potential visitors to Tasmania want information to help inform them on how to travel in the state, the focus for Phase 3 of the Go Behind the Scenery campaign this autumn is to provide consumers with more information and detailed itineraries. And in keeping with Tourism Tasmania's new approach to marketing the state over the next five years, the campaign provides deals to encourage consumers to "book now". The campaign includes the following elements;

  • Television, print, digital and outdoor advertising is being used during various stages of the campaign.
  • The campaign also features Tasmania as the launch partner of a new publication that's aimed directly at the Life Long Learner audience – The Saturday Paper. It's a new weekly newspaper featuring long form news, leisure and lifestyle that will be available in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra every Friday afternoon from the end of February 2014.
  • Central to the campaign is the microsite that was used for the past two Go Behind the Scenery promotions. During the last spring campaign, the microsite attracted almost 240,000 unique users, seeking more information about holidaying in Tasmania.

Additional complementary autumn promotions

In addition to Tourism Tasmania's Go Behind the Scenery autumn campaign and its supporting marketing activities, a number of other Tasmanian tourism organisations and businesses are also busy promoting the state this autumn through their own marketing activities. These businesses include TT Line, regional tourism organisations, other Tasmanian travel wholesalers and individual tourism businesses. Their additional marketing activity in autumn further helps to boost awareness of Tasmanian holidays during the state's shoulder and off-peak tourism seasons.

Tracking and monitoring

Just as it did with previous Go Behind the Scenery campaigns, Tourism Tasmania will monitor, measure and evaluate the performance of Phase 3 of the Go Behind the Scenery spring campaign. This will include tracking the behaviour, characteristics and views of Australian travellers through the Tourism Info Monitor, and ascertaining how appealing Tasmania is as a destination as well as the percentage of people who are intending to visit the state. Visitor numbers will also be monitored through the Tasmanian Visitor Survey and Tourism Tasmania will continue to measure the impact of the autumn campaign with the target audience. Advertising reach, web traffic, itinerary downloads and travel partner sales will also be monitored during the life of the autumn campaign.

More information

For more information on the campaign see Autumn Campaign Fact Sheet [PDF KB]

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